A graduation marks the real passage from youth to adulthood, as individuals prepare to make their own mark on the world. Whether they’re getting ready to head to a prestigious university or have job offers in technology waiting for them, a personalized graduation gift can help the architects of tomorrow with today’s responsibilities. Mark and Graham offers a ton of smart accessories that are both practical and trendy.

One great idea is the gift of personalized luggage. Graduates tend to travel a lot, be it from home their dorm to mom and dad’s house, or just for a weekend trip with friends. Our travel gear is designed to handle anything they can dish out. Longer stays are easier with a carry-on that can hold a lot of clothes, study materials, electronics and personal items. If their trip also involves using their parents’ washing machine, an extra rolling duffle provides space for dirty laundry. An overnight bag is handy for short trips of one or two days. That way a girl has room for a pair or two of shoes, a couple of outfits, hair care items and her makeup. These lightweight bags are easy to carry and fit inside small automobiles without problems.

For life on campus, one of our personalized totes or carrying cases helps out a lot. With your monogram on a piece, everyone knows who it belongs to, which lets a student keep tabs on her stuff and get a little recognition at the same time. And because they’re chic – leather, suede and herringbone are just a few of the options – a girl can stay beautiful all day long. Our spacious totes provide room for notebooks, laptops, tablets, homework, supplies, water bottles and more. A trendy bag also allows for a graduate’s favorite activity: shopping.

Today’s cultured adults enjoy combining the elegance of the past with modern fashion. A personalized stamp or seal does just that. Emblazoned with their own monogram, these sophisticated pieces allow them to leave their mark – literally – on any correspondence. A determined individual wanting to get ahead can make a big impression with detailed touches like this. University professors and business professionals are likely to view a letter with a custom wax seal with added respect. Plus, it’s a very romantic way to invite a girl out on a date. Wax colors include green, navy blue, red, gold and silver. A pair of sleek personalized cufflinks can also garner respect.

Stationary is another way to impress members of the opposite sex or brighten a friend’s day with a thoughtful note. Featuring monogrammed cards with your choice of font along with matching envelopes, a graduate’s letters are sure to stand out. Choose from vivid colors like elegant red or navy, playful lime, pink and tangerine, or businesslike blue and taupe. Our stationary lets their personality come through for a great first impression.

In order to advance ahead without forgetting the sweet moments of yesterday, graduates like to thumb through photo albums. A custom album filled with some of the happy times you spent together is a great gift. A scrapbook album allows for extra flexibility when deciding what to include – old ticket stubs, a napkin with something scribbled on it or even candy wrappers are some of the options. Our albums have archive-quality polypropylene sleeves great for keepsakes. An embossed leather exterior looks beautiful and provides a spot for an elegant personalization.

In this world of advanced technology, electronic devices have become a staple, both socially and professionally. That makes taking care of laptops, smart phones and tablets more important than ever. A high-quality tech cover safeguards phones from scratches and wear, and provides an extra layer of protection from accidental damage. Our stylish leather iPhone covers are exceptionally durable and sophisticated. Or to add a touch of flair to your tech, choose a chic iPhone case instead. Plaid, horizontal stripe and solid color options look amazing when paired with a customized monogram.