For Her

The road to a woman’s heart often involves fashion and elegance. Toss in a touch of thoughtfulness and you’re sure to bring happiness to her heart. Mark and Graham offers functional pieces that make any woman or girl feel beautiful and loved. And with our personalized gifts for her, you can show an admired lady that she’s precious to you too. A monogrammed present tells her that you’ve been thinking about her, even if it’s not a special occasion. Touch a mom’s heart with a keepsake that she can carry close by constantly, or help a jet-setter stay prepared for global travel.

Everyone knows that handbags and purses make any woman’s life a little easier. The right one enhances her favorite outfit while providing handy space for a phone, keys, sunglasses, credit cards and pretty much everything else imaginable. Our chic handbags are available in distinctive designs fit for any occasion. A leather bag is ideal for elegant outings like a meal with friends or a promotion at the office. Plaid, on the other hand, combines playfulness and style to match a more laidback look. Having her initials monogrammed on the front provides instant class for any outfit and also gives her an air of confidence.

Of course, no ensemble is complete without fashionable jewelry. Touches of silver and gold elevate even everyday moments. Our pieces feature smooth contours and special accents that stand out rain or shine. Don’t forget the value of a monogrammed jewelry box that lets a woman find her favorite jewelry quickly. Let the woman in your life know that you love her with a personalized ring, bracelet or necklace; that way, she can carry beautiful memories along with her all day long. A golden locket is a great way to be remembered and is also an especially tender present.

If you’re aiming for something a bit more practical, perhaps for a grown daughter away at college, think makeup accessories. Every girly girl has a full arsenal of beauty tools and makeup that needs to go where she goes. Our handy cases make unique gifts for her and provide ample space for lipstick, eyeliner, blush, eyeshadow, nail polish, brushes and more, so your young lady is ready to shine on even the most demanding days. And with a monogram, you remind her that you love her every time she gets ready in the morning. A personalized compact is a sleek and elegant gift too.

No matter what kind of lifestyle she has, every woman needs to travel from time to time. It could be for a week-long business trip or just a short jaunt to her parents’ house. Our travel pieces are designed to be functional and fashionable; their high-quality construction makes them dependable for longer stays, while chic materials like leather, suede and herringbone keep women stylish from airport to destination. Busy moms with their hands full appreciate spacious totes as well, especially when taking their young ones along to the store or on a family outing.

Something that you shouldn’t overlook when searching for a personalized gift for a special woman is the power of a gift card. Our gift cards are available in a number of different denominations, and your recipient can purchase everything from stunning apparel to professional-quality cookware. True, the box you wrapped might be a bit smaller, but the emotion you see on her face won’t be. A gift card is like handing her a ticket to her own ideal vacation. There are pieces that you might never think to buy that might be exactly what she longs for the most. And if you’re worried about making a lasting impression, don’t worry. Each gift card arrives with a personalized message via first-class mail. You can say exactly what you want to say while still giving a gift that offers her the power of choice.