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Thoughtful presents create bonds that last a lifetime. Mark and Graham makes it easy to find the right piece to let your recipient know how meaningful your relationship is or let you confess the depth of your love. For a truly special touch, pick out one of our personalized gifts. They stand out at first glance and are sure to bring smiles to the faces of your loved ones. And because we offer a wide variety of stylish items, from travel bags and purses to jewelry and home decor, there’s something for every taste and lifestyle.

Any woman appreciates an extra spot to store her makeup and beauty accessories. Large totes let her stay fashionable at the beach or when taking care of errands, while a smaller makeup case is easy to carry around all day long when tucked in a purse. With elegant details like leather, suede, plaid, herringbone and canvas fabrics, you give her something that’s more than just practical; it’s absolutely chic. And with a personalized gift, she feels important to someone every day. Choose from a selection of colors to match her different outfits for any occasion, whether it’s a long day at the office or a night out with friends and have her foil-debossed initials appear right between the handles of the bag so everyone knows it’s hers.

Smart clothes make the difference in any situation. When it’s cold outside, a pair of warm gloves or a comfy sweater can be a real lifesaver. An embroidered cap or beanie puts a distinctive touch on any look and helps its recipient stay toasty to boot. And kids can’t wait to show off their monogrammed clothes to friends. In business, having a personalized shirt or tie clip provides added confidence, style and prestige. That way your husband, father or friend is ready to face the day with class. Our apparel is always unforgettable.

Another beloved gift that looks even better personalized is a wallet or briefcase. Most men treasure their wallets for decades, and one made out of leather is especially prized. With it, they can show off their family moments and also have a place to keep important day-to-day items like credit cards and insurance information. An elegant monogram reminds them that their families love them, even when they’re away from home. And with a travel bag or briefcase, they have enough space for work documents and the latest technology, from laptops to tablets and more. Our ample selection of styles makes it easy to find one with the vibe they like, whether bold, laidback or trendy.

Women tend to view their purses as extensions of their personalities. That makes it important to find one that matches who they are. Warm leather tones add sophistication to an outfit and are great for a trip to the office or lunch with friends. Moms with small babies appreciate a large bag with space for extra supplies for their little ones; that way, they can take care of their babies while also taking care of themselves. Teens who just want to have fun love having a clutch purse with space for their first credit cards and some beauty essentials. No matter the occasion, personalized gifts grab the attention of anyone nearby, adding some flair to your look.

If you’re seeking a beautiful gift that you can’t go wrong with, pick out a piece of stunning jewelry. Not only is it a great way to reach the heart of your special someone or build a lasting friendship, but a fashionable necklace, bracelet, ring, keepsake or tie clip enhances anyone’s outfit. Plus, a personalized piece brings back pleasant memories for ages. For a special treat for mom, give her a necklace with the names or initials of her children inscribed on it so she can keep them close to her heart all day long. A customized locket is another great option, but whatever you choose, know that your recipient is sure to love the extra thought that went into such a personal present.