PJs + Robes

Personalized sleepwear is a timeless luxury item that offers a little bit of indulgence for the most comfortable moments in your life. Mark and Graham offers monogrammed robes and pajamas for both men and women. From classic pajama suits to cushy cotton bathrobes and tops and bottoms in sumptuous satin, our collection of personalized sleep and loungewear lets you blend a relaxed feel with a small nod to formality in the form of an embroidered monogram. Whether you buy for yourself or a loved one, this sleepwear is certain to bring smiles and contentment to anyone who wears it.

Monogrammed robes and pajamas are a great choice for gifts. Spouses, family members and close friends can all benefit from having additional cozy items in their wardrobes, and our customizable embroidery adds a perfect special finishing touch to a thoughtful gift. You can customize not only the monogram but also the style and color you choose thanks to our range of options in this product category. Our classic button-down, collared pajama tops pair with matching bottoms and are a great option for men and women of all ages. We offer some styles that have twin designs available in both men‘s and women‘s sizes, while others are available only for women or men. After narrowing down the right size category, you can choose from options that include night shirts and pajama separates depending on your preference.

Depending on the style you choose, you can apply a one-, two, or three-letter monogram to your loungewear. Your approach to the letters you choose for each of these monograms is completely up to you, but there are some traditional rules that govern how people typically present letters in a monogram. For a traditional one-letter, use the first letter of the last name. For a three-letter, use the first, middle and last initial in order if the font for each letter is the same size and the first, last and middle initial in that order if the center letter is bigger than the two on either side. However, if you‘d rather use your first initial or some other variation on the theme, feel free to do so.

If you can‘t get enough monograms in your life, consider pairing your monogrammed pajamas with monogrammed bedding for a cohesive collection of personalized bedtime items. You can get your romantic partner or spouse in on the fun by getting a custom monogrammed pillowcase with his or her initials in addition to a pillowcase with your initials for your own use.

Bedtime isn‘t the only time our personalized loungewear comes in handy. Our selection of monogrammed robes includes Turkish hydro cotton bathrobes, which you can pair with items from our Turkish bath towel collection for a complete matching set. We offer bath and hand towels in addition to wash cloths for additional cohesion in your bathroom; choose matching monograms for each item or branch out and get creative. Where three-letter monograms are available, you can have your towels embroidered with “him“ and “her“ or “Mr“ and “Mrs“ for a less formal take on personalization.

When paired with our luxurious bedding collections and bath towels, our monogrammed robes and monogrammed pajamas help you make a distinctive mark on your home decor. Choose monogram embroidery colors that accent your home decor with a pop of color or keep everything cohesive and subdued with tasteful neutrals. We cater to anyone who wants to incorporate personalization into their lives, no matter what your style is. With our simple personalization tool, you can try out a few different font and color looks before arriving at your perfect final selection.