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This year, take a new approach to gift giving when holidays, birthdays and other special occasions rolls around. Aim for items that are not just functional, but personal as well. A unique take on gifts, customized jewelry is a terrific way to let family and friends know you care, while also giving them something personal. Nearly every piece of jewelry offered by Mark and Graham offers you customization through our monogram shop, and it’s also important to note that even customized, engraved jewelry arrives in just a little over a week’s time.

You have the ability to choose from many different types of jewelry, suitable for everyone on your gift list, including yourself, when you want to give yourself an extra treat. For occasions such as winter holidays, Mother’s Day and birthdays, a necklace is a great idea to brighten someone’s day. There are many different necklace styles and a wealth of customized jewelry ideas. Opt for a locket with an inscription, so the wearer can add a picture, or simply give a necklace with the person’s name etched in a beautiful script. Other types of necklace styles include gold and silver bars, heart-shaped and fun shapes such as purses and envelopes. Simply pick something that fits the recipient’s sense of style.

Similarly to necklaces, bracelets are another great idea to purchase for yourself, or as an appreciated gift. Here you have the ability to go a little more casual or informal, or choose from the other end of the spectrum and opt for gold bracelets or sterling silver. Adjustable rope and ID bracelet styles are ideal gifts for both men and women. As with other customized jewelry, these pieces can be engraved and monogrammed as well. For women, cuff and bangle bracelets are great ideas. Have the person’s name or the initials spelled out in a gorgeous script, or simply have the word or phrase engraved in the bracelet. Charm bracelets with fun gold or silver charms are also a great notion. Ideas for him include leather wraparound bracelets or turnlock bracelets. The bracelets are available in many different colors, and engravings can be done right on the leather.

Rings, earrings and brooches are also terrific ideas for customized gifts. Choose from delightful little stud earrings available in gold and silver, with beautiful designs such as stars, anchors and horseshoes. Pearl earrings also add a delicate, elegant touch to any affair. For a fun twist on stud earrings, opt for individual letters that the wearer can wear in either ear. For example, if the person’s initials were D and G, you have the ability to buy one D and one G for a truly personal gift. Simple gold and silver bands are welcomed gifts for any occasion, such as graduation. Simply have the band monogrammed with the person’s initials for a lovely gift.

If you are looking for gifts just for him, when it comes to jewelry, cufflinks and tie clips are wonderful ideas for any occasion. Choose from romantic cufflinks that send a special message, such as “Be Mine” or “Love You,” or opt for a simple theme, such as nautical for those who love fishing or spending time on the beach. You can also add personalization and engraving to any cufflink by adding the person’s initials. A tie clip is also a thoughtful gift for the man who must look crisp and fresh at the office every day. Be fun and choose one in a bright green or blue color to brighten up any suit.

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