Copper Entertaining

If you’re looking for a set of serveware to wow your guests, Mark and Graham offers unique options that’ll blow their minds in more ways than one. At first glance, a set of copper serveware is nothing short of magnificent. Made from 100 percent copper, these pieces are designed to last. Easily cleaned by hand washing and drying thoroughly with a soft cotton cloth, copper mugs and bar glasses are conversation pieces you’ll want to bring out every chance you get. After a few uses, you may notice your copper serveware develop a patina with time. This is an easy fix if you want to keep them looking sparkling and fresh. Simply treat your items to a little tender loving care and polish them up with some gold or silver cleaner on occasion. With proper care, this stylish line of copper cups, ice buckets and copper trays easily becomes a collection of cherished family heirlooms that you can pass down with each generation.

For a special finishing touch, give a set of personalized copper serveware to family or friends as a housewarming, wedding, anniversary, birthday or even “just because” gift. A set of personalized monogrammed copper shot glasses is just what you need to keep the good times rolling. Serving up all the fun of traditional shot glasses, these solid copper designs allow you to get creative during cleanup. Put a little of that leftover lemon and salt to good use and give each piece an au naturel cleaning. Complete the set with a couple copper martini glasses and a few copper bar tools for a full bar setup worthy of the white-glove treatment. Copper martini shakers and a copper serving tray are all you need to turn the average kitchen counter into a relaxing lounge. And they might just be too beautiful to keep to yourself. Show off the tiered stand’s handmade copper base and removable trays made from solid acacia wood at tea parties, cheese tastings and any other excuse you can find to host a group. As an added bonus, one of the wooden trays displays an elegant engraved monogram. Add a personalized element to your wedding, and then save it as a special reminder of the big day.

Speaking of relaxation, you’ll find even more peace of mind knowing that the feel-good properties of this unique line lie much deeper than aesthetic satisfaction. Many doctors also recommend the occasional glass of red wine due to the way it benefits the heart, and you’ll have no problem bringing copper accessories into the picture to enjoy with a glass of vino. Traditional wine bags are great, but imagine how glorious a bottle of merlot can look when it’s perched atop a laser-etched copper wine holder. Remarkable, of course!

Take the standard decanter and give it a holistic upgrade with a set of copper pitchers. Who says you have to wait for a special occasion to enjoy the laundry list of benefits of drinking out of copper containers? Today’s a great day to celebrate life in general, and you can share the beauty with loved ones on a daily basis. You haven’t truly enjoyed a glass of chilled, freshly squeezed lemonade until it’s been poured from a copper container. The precious metal keeps cold drinks colder longer, so make sure you protect your tables and counters with a coordinating coaster or some of our stylish table linens designed for indoor or outdoor use. No matter the season or the occasion, you don’t have to think too hard to find a reason to pull the copper from the cabinet.