Not sure whether you’re a pajama person or not? Some people grew up adoring pajamas and bathrobes and can’t imagine life without them. Others didn’t use them much as kids, and instead look on in curiosity at those who do. If you’re still on the fence, check out Mark and Graham’s 101 on men’s sleepwear. These a few reasons we’re confident you’ll fall in love with our pajamas and bathrobes.

The first big benefit of pajamas at bedtime is comfort. Their soft material cushions your skin and relaxes you, like the effect of a gentle breeze playing across your body. And when you’re refreshed and comfy, it’s way easier to fall asleep.

Pajamas and bathrobes keep you warm during chilly weather. Even if you pile on the covers, having an extra layer is always welcome. And if you get up during the night to use the bathroom, your body stays pretty toasty. That’s a big help in falling back to sleep when you return to bed. Some slippers do the same thing for your feet in the morning, especially if your room has a wood or tile floor.

So what kind of material is best for your pajamas? That depends on the time of year, and your skin too. Cotton is extremely versatile and covers all the bases. It’s lightweight and breathable, which is awesome during summertime since you stay high and dry. You know those nights when it’s too hot for covers but too cool too sleep without them? Bingo. That’s the ideal time for cotton pajamas. Flannel PJs, on the other hand, excel at winter time comfort. And nylon sleepwear is all about sleek style and a supersoft touch.

Cotton is non-allergenic as well, so it takes good care of sensitive skin. It wicks moisture away from your body, keeping you cool all night long. That’s a huge benefit if you have the habit of showering right before bed – which is a great idea by the way – since it keeps your sheets smooth and fresh.

One thing you might not think about is the effect pajamas have on your self-confidence. Instead of using a large T-shirt – which is totally fine if that’s what makes you feel most comfortable – check out the effect of a custom-fitting pair of pajamas. They flatter your figure and give you a very attractive appearance. And they’re romantic too, especially if you and you’re special someone are wearing matching styles. Remember that you can get totally creative with your personalization to express humor or affection. For example, designs like “Mr,” “Mrs,” and “2cute” are all possibilities.

Formal monograms are awesome for pajamas and bathrobes too, of course. They add a distinguished tone to your day. You become a rich and famous movie star as you eat breakfast on a poolside patio or balcony. Ask your butler to prepare a martini while you read the newspaper and look out over the Mediterranean. Well, at least that’s what it feels like. Just watch out for the paparazzi.

Your PJs have an interesting psychosomatic effect on your sleep habits. When you slip them on, it’s like your brain automatically tells itself, it’s time for bed. And since your brain is boss, it means you fall asleep faster. Getting a good night’s sleep has tons of health benefits. It gives you more energy during the day, helps you concentrate easier and makes you more productive at work. Great ideas pop into your head left and right. And your immune system gets a boost too. Plus, sleeping enough gives you a bright outlook, so you feel happy and enjoy time with friends and family even more.

A bathrobe treats you to luxury anytime day or night. The fuzzy fibers gently massage your skin, as if you’re resting for the day at a calming spa. Whether you just got out of the shower or are enjoying some personal time around the house, let your stress just drift away in softness. Is it OK for guys to relax and pamper themselves like this? You better believe it.