Guys like to get things done. Finishing projects and meeting personal goals gives you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. No waiting, no procrastination, no hesitation; you make it happen, and you reap the benefits. Whether it has to do with closing an important deal or purchasing amazing plane tickets for an upcoming vacation, trendsetters are always on the go. And that means bringing your tools of the trade along with you. Be ready for anything with a spacious men’s tote from Mark and Graham. With room for anything from electronic devices to an extra change of clothes, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish. And you look sleek and suave while doing it. Here are a few reasons that men’s totes are so awesome.

A tote bag is extremely versatile. It doesn’t matter what your daily routine involves; totes adapt without skipping a beat. That makes them amazing gifts for the guys in your life. Looking for something to give a new college student a big advantage in his studies? Trying to find the ideal present for someone who loves to travel? Well, we have tons of great options to choose from, and a tote is definitely high up on the list.

What’s the difference between a tote and a briefcase? After all, they both help men carry around important tools and documents, and both have a large capacity. Well, some styles blur the line a bit, but generally speaking a briefcase is more formal and has sharper contours. Totes have a more laidback vibe, but are still chic and powerful pieces. So when deciding which kind of case to go for, the recipient’s personality plays a big part in the equation. Here are some ways guys use their favorite totes.

Stay connected and up-to-date on campus. It’s no secret that college students have to carry around a lot of stuff. Textbooks, notebooks, portfolios, pens, markers and rulers just scratch the surface of real-world objects most need for their general studies. Toss in tools related to your major and you might use drafting tools, art materials and other specialized instruments on a daily basis. Oh, and of course your digital devices are indispensable for investigation and homework. Is that a problem for a tote? Nope. It can hold all of your research materials and more – including your trusty laptop – with space left over. And here’s the best part: a tote’s wide strap is super comfortable too.

Totes save lots of time in the morning before heading out the door. Since they’re so spacious, you don’t have to pick and choose what to take with you. Just grab everything you might need and keep it all close by. Heading to the gym? There’s room for your towel, dry clothes, climbing gloves, talc and, of course, some tunes. Or if you prefer to exercise along the beach, bring along sunblock, plenty of liquids and your favorite sunglasses. If you want to feel the sand on your feet, just pop off your shoes and toss them in your tote. That’s right, there’s pretty much no limits to what you can store in these bags.

Express your personality with something fashionable. Leather pieces provide fine Italian sophistication that’s perfect for a frequent traveler. And with your personal monogram engraved or debossed on the front, expect to feel confident. Canvas totes say you’re creative and fun. They’re a favorite of work-hard, play-hard individuals. Neutral colors like brown and gray show off your calm-and-cool style no matter where you are.

One of the biggest areas where a tote shines is at the airport. Most airlines let you have a piece of luggage to carry on the plane, as well as a personal item like a tote. That way you’ve got your laptop, charger, music device, tablet, phone, headphones and other digital devices along for the ride. Tons of pockets hold your passport, plane tickets, hotel reservations, itinerary and other trip-related items. Don’t like using the pillows or blankets provided on the aircraft? Bring along your own instead. Don’t worry, you’ve got the space.