Upgrade Your Travel with Personalized Luggage

Enhance every travel experience with personalized luggage. A beautiful set of suitcases, emblazoned with your initials, give you a strong sense of satisfaction every time you pack. Skip the hassle of peering to identify your suitcase at a terminal or baggage claim. Personalized luggage is markedly yours when you select a single initial or monogram to decorate the front. Plus, these luggage pieces are so stylish, you'll know they're yours by the clean lines, elegant details, contrasting colors and powerful silhouettes. Find your favorite personalized travel bag to upgrade your travel right now.

Why Monogrammed Luggage is a Must

Personalized luggage makes a strong statement about your style and attention to detail. When you're traveling, you're ready to be your best, truest self, free from the cares and concerns of your daily life.

  • Monogrammed luggage lets the world know you've arrived. This is a polished personal item that corresponds with your entire look and brings out the best in your chosen aesthetic. Don't be afraid to choose luggage that complements your best travel outfits.
  • If you're traveling for business, a monogrammed suitcase is a polished, professional look that shows your colleagues you're classic enough to have a solid foundation, plus you've got the details down to a stylish science.
  • There's always the obvious benefit of immediately identifying your suitcase when on the go. It's harder for someone to take off with your suitcase at a carousel full of plain black bags when yours is high-contrast and personalized.

Selecting a Monogrammed Suitcase

Choose your suitcase based on your travel style, destinations, travel partners and what you have to pack.

  • A wheeled suitcase is basically an essential for anyone traveling these days. Whether you're fast-walking to catch a train, striding across an endless airport terminal or just loading the back of a car for a road trip, wheeling is far more convenient and comfortable than carrying.
  • Look for whimsical details, like contrast stripes, that are reminiscent of historical trunk luggage. In the past, trunks shut with buckles that enveloped the entire trunk. This is a fun throwback look to how travel used to be--glamorous, rare and worthy of plenty of preparation.
  • If you'll be bringing other travel bags, choose a suitcase that can become part of a personalized luggage suite.

Personalized Travel Bag Options

Your suitcase isn't the only travel bag you can personalize. Look for onboard bags, weekenders, oversized purses or totes, modern briefcases that take their cues from messenger bags and more.