For the New Mom

When new moms get home from the hospital the real work starts. It might seem like everyone is focused on the new baby, including mom, and more often than not, moms simply arenʼt able to take some time out and relax, or even take a breath. Shower the new mom in your life with beautiful and exquisite push presents that pamper, reminding her that sheʼs important too during this hectic time.

Many new gifts entering the house will be focused on the baby. In fact, the whole house may be filled with an assortment of different baby gifts and childrenʼs gifts. During this time, Mom can feel really left out. Think of elegant and delicate jewelry pieces that a new mom may love. Choose from bangles, necklaces and bracelets in silvertone or goldtone that are monogrammed with either momʼs name or the new babyʼs name. These types of keepsakes thrill new moms, and are items that they will treasure forever. Rope bracelets or lockets are other good ideas for keepsakes for new moms. A new mom might enjoy a simple gold or silver chain, or a pearl necklace with matching earrings for the much-needed date night with dad. Monogrammed key fobs are also a spectacular idea. Choose momʼs name, the name of the new baby or another term that means a lot.

All of the push presents for new moms available from Mark and Graham are able to be monogrammed. This opens up the door to many different gifts for new moms that are thoughtful, and keep the focus on mom instead of the new baby. This includes not only jewelry, but other new mom gifts, such as personalized totes, family heirloom history books, photo albums and other scrapbooks. If youʼre thinking of an exemplary gift for a new mom, think outside of the box and peruse special gifts that are expressly designed for women. Not just in category for new moms, every woman appreciates a new cosmetic bag, perfume atomizer or personalized clutch or bangle. Other ideas for women and gifts for new moms include necessary items such as a beach tote, wallet, handbag or even clothing. After fashioning a maternity wardrobe for nine months, mom will enjoy some new clothes to wear.

No new mom will refuse a gift that makes her life a little bit easier as she adjusts to the experiences of new motherhood. Items such as feeding accessories are great ideas for new moms, and can perhaps help her relax during a stressful time. Bibs to keep baby clean and colorful feeding accessories for baby help make feeding time a joy. Bibs can also be monogrammed with babyʼs name so that they become a forever keepsake. Diaper bags and totes are also exceptional ideas so that mom can keep all the items she needs for the new baby organized. These especially help make traveling with a new baby a breeze, even if itʼs just to the grocery store. Items such as diaper bags can help keep baby's bottle, diapers, wipes, and burp cloths all in handy, sectioned pouches so that mom can reach for them whenever she needs them. More ideas for gifts for new moms include monogrammed aluminum cups for baby, and babyʼs first ducky, made of a nickel-plated aluminum construction. Moms may also enjoy picture frames in which to keep all of their precious memories.