Paper Napkins + Coasters

From cocktail parties to baby showers, there are plenty of entertaining scenarios that call for paper cocktail napkins and coasters. Mark and Graham’s collection of personalized paper napkins and coasters combines the convenience of paper products with the luxury and elegance of personalized linens for the ideal blend of style and functionality. We use thick, soft paper napkins and towels to create a luxurious feel that you can then improve upon with your own custom personalization. Add a set of custom-printed paper coasters, which come in their own acrylic container, and you’ve got the perfect foundation for a full set of personalized party accessories.

Whether you’re planning a special event or you simply want to elevate your ordinary approach to paper party napkins, our personalized paper napkins and coasters are a great choice. Use our simple online customization tool to create a monogram or personalized phrase that you can use on both your coasters and napkins for a cohesive approach to party planning. When you use our tools to develop a unique custom logo for your event, it’s simple to carry that personalized signature font and style through on all of your party supplies from our collections. With just a few mouse clicks, you can give your party a pulled-together, professional look and feel.

Our paper napkins and coasters are perfect for any event at which you serve food and beverages. From a quiet wine and cheese party with your closest friends to a massive blow-out birthday bash for your kids, our napkins and coasters provide all the coverage and protection you need. Whether your party is indoors or out, personalized paper napkins and coasters provide a sense of polish and refinement that guests are sure to appreciate. Whether you choose to go for a classic monogram in a restrained neutral color or you spell out your child’s name in colorful block letters, these paper party goods add style and flair to your event.

Many of the personalized paper napkins and coasters in our collection use traditional letterpress stamping techniques for an impressive look and feel. We don’t skimp on quality, and you’ll notice the extra attention to detail even before your event begins. Whether you leave a stack of coasters and napkins out for guests to grab as needed or you place one of each at every seat, you add an impressive level of convenience and comfort that guests are sure to remember.

Parties are inherently fun affairs, and it’s natural to want every detail to be just so to ensure that each guest has a good time. No matter what kind of event you’re planning, whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a large crowd, it won’t take long to order our personalized party accessories. Once you send in your order, your work is done. All you have to do is relax and wait for your personalized paper napkins, coasters and other items to arrive while you attend to remaining items on your party-prep to-do list. Some items may even arrive within a week of your order date, but you may want to allow more time to be sure you have everything you need in time for the big event.

Once you’ve picked out your napkin and coaster of choice, look through our other personalized party accessories to see if you can add even more unique flair to your celebration. From personalized party cups to custom-printed gift wrap and ribbons, you can make every little detail your own. Create a special and highly individualized party-prep plan, and with our help, you create an event to remember. Whether it’s your wedding or a surprise party for a good friend, we’ve got you covered with plenty of styles to match the look and feel you’re aiming for.

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