Collars + Leashes

Collars + Leashes

Is your pet also your baby? Then show the world how special your furry little friend is to you with specialized doggie wear, leashes, collars and bowls. Adorn Duke – and Princess – with a monogrammed collar to wear on the daily walk to the dog park and to fashion around the house. If your pooch is a lover of the water, let your pup swim to the heart’s content wearing a jacquard webbing collar. It dries soon after swim time is over and does not retain the smells that sometimes follow tail-waggers that enjoy frolicking in the water. After so many swim sessions and rolling around on the ground, however, throwing it in with the wash is safe, and then it comes out anew.

Let your four-legged best friend show off your favorite color from the rainbow and choose from fun shades such as pink, orange and red, or go with the sophistication of basic black or brown. And not to worry; no matter the size or girth of your pet, find one to fit up to 26" on the neck, the largest size to fit your Great Dane or Newfoundland. Be sure to complement that collar with a matching lead, a necessary tool for walks through the neighborhood or in leash-required parks and picnic areas. Like the collar, the doggie leash offers the same material and features, including the fast-drying aspect, just in case the hound gets excited and escapes your handle to run into the nearest lake. With a key ring conveniently a part of the lead, keep your other hand free until it’s time to conclude the walk and open the car door or front door. Grab a shorter leash for you petite shih tzu or a longer one for your German shepherd.

If your bowwow is a fan of staying dry and not exercising via your backyard river, then a fancy leather collar and lead combination is right up your alley. If you prefer to display your pet’s name on the collar, rather than attaching a separate dog tag, there’s a simple solution: The Italian leather collar also allows for monogramming by Mark and Graham. And be sure to keep the name imprinting theme ongoing by adding your dog’s name to the attached tag fastened to the lead. This is helpful just in case of losing or misplacing the lead, such as in an off-leash dog park. Even the smallest of breeds, such as a Pomeranian or miniature dachshund can dress in the collar and leash combo.

When leather is your material of choice, keep that theme ongoing in your doggie essentials closet and bring along a wristlet-style bag designed with the same material on walks or other outdoor activities with your favorite canine. The matching leather, formal-looking bag conveniently stashes any doggie-walking necessities such as tasty poochie treats, a small toy or a whistle for training activities. It is also an ideal place to store your cell phone and keys, and the pet travel bag plays the role of hiding place for unused plastic bags needed for you to pick up the little presents you don’t want your pup to leave behind.

A matching lead to your doggie’s leather travel bag features a hook, similar to that of the hook on the other end of the leash to hang the bag, allowing you to concentrate your hands on only your pet when you don’t have to access the contents on the inside. Keep the love flowing for your four-legged companion and print your pet’s name on the front of the doggie-outing bag. Correspond the bag with the same colors as the leash and collar or be different and offset them with another shade.