Wedding Day Style

Create a stunning reception with personalized wedding decorations that fit every color, theme and style. Whatever visual appeal you want to achieve, you can opt for contrasting or matching options to set a serene atmosphere for your wedding. Whether you want a rustic vibe or a dream modern wedding, you can find incredible and inexpensive options to create a picture perfect look. Some luxury wedding decorations include stainless-steel trays, dessert plates, wine glasses, dinner napkins, coasters, wine bags and glass candles. No matter what style and color scheme you have in mind, Mark and Graham is an ideal place to start your search for decorations.

Traditionally, grooms are expected to give gifts to their mother-in-laws as an indication of thankfulness. There are varied mother-of-the-bride gifts that you can add to your gift list. Adorable choices include tote bags, bracelets, script necklaces, bangles, handbags, heirloom history book and zip pouches. Ensure to pick a sentimental gift that leaves a lasting impression. If you are not sure what to buy, get her a gift card. She will certainly appreciate that too.

Donʼt forget to find something meaningful and thoughtful for your father-in-law too. He is one of the most important guests at your wedding and deserves a lasting gift for all the things he has done. Some couples choose to give joint gifts for the parents. However, a personalized option can be quite creative and you can choose father-of-the-bride gifts such as tie cases, watch boxes, cufflink boxes, wallets, shoe shine kit, cocktail shaker and a leather bound book. Alternatively, you can create him a photo album of wedding photos.

Menʼs accessories are the popular gift for your groomsmen. For those working in the corporate world, a set of cufflinks, cotton tie, money clip or a new wallet is an ideal option. Those who love their beer and wine will find a beer flight, copper mugs, beer glass or a champagne flute to be a thoughtful option. Be sure to grab for them something enduring that they will preserve as a reminder of their special friend. Remember to get ball caps and pullovers, too.

Rewarding your bridesmaids for the enduring patient and involvement in your wedding is a passionate thing to do. Find heartfelt gifts that will help to preserve the special memories and moments of your big day. Hand-selecting the gifts means that you want to find the ideal gift for each bridesmaid. Nice options to consider include earrings, necklaces, bangles, wristlets, pouches and totes. Giving them personalized gifts mean that you appreciate your friendship for all the time they have been in your life.

You may choose to gift the bride with heartfelt bridal accessories to complete her look or keep her wedding gowns safe after the wedding. Give her linen garment bag for keeping her gown safe. A linen wristlet is a handy grab-and-go option for brides who may want to carry something during the wedding. You can gift her with a ring bearer pillow, which is a perfect addition to the wedding theme. Be sure to choose a pillow with beautiful embellishment and detailing. A linen hanger slipcover is also great for hanging the gown safely and neatly before the big day.

If you are a wedding guest, you can help the couple trim down their honeymoon expenses by giving honeymoon gifts. Some guests prefer giving a joint gift, which is acceptable. You can pack a gift basket with the essential for a honeymoon such as a beach towel, satin pan, luggage tag, wallet, money clip and a wristlet. Ideal gifts for the couple include a weekender, briefcase, travel pouch and an overnighter bag. Hand-pick your gifts to ensure you present something that the couple will be delighted to receive.