Ariel Gordon

For a twist on the monogram and personalization concept, check out the lovely designs in Mark and Graham’s Ariel Gordon jewelry collection. Designed by renowned jewelry artist Ariel Gordon, the pieces in this collection focus on the use of fine materials such as solid gold, sterling silver and both semiprecious and precious gemstones to create subtly personal necklaces, bracelets and more. These beautifully designed, delicate jewelry pieces add a flash of metal and a touch of color to any outfit, creating a delicately decorative effect you’ll want to see again and again.

Thanks to their blend of on-trend sensibilities and classic design, the pieces from the Ariel Gordon jewelry collection will quickly become a favorite choice for any woman who owns them. With materials options including rose gold, sterling silver, yellow gold, diamond, opal, emerald, pearl, amethyst and ruby, you can select the perfect look, whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one. Choose a semiprecious birthstone for a subtle nod to personalization, or pick out a stone that has another kind of deeply personal meaning. You can pick out a gemstone that represents a loved one’s first name in the style of Victorian acrostic jewelry; for example, gift Allison with an amethyst necklace or Tanya with a turquoise. This collection offers a wide variety of different symbolic possibilities.

This collection also includes delicate rings and earrings that match with other pieces, such as bracelets or necklaces. You can give a complete matching set as a gift or mix and match different items to create a unique collection unified by Ariel Gordon’s signature design sensibilities. From solid metal love knots to smooth, beautiful gemstone cabochons, the materials used in these beautiful ornaments are durable and strong, allowing them to stand up to repeated wear as they inevitably become favorites for the wearer.

The Ariel Gordon jewelry necklaces we offer will look wonderful on their own, but they can also easily pair with longer necklaces for a layered effect. Layering is an on-trend way of wearing jewelry, and it allows women of all ages to showcase multiple jewelry pieces at once. However, these Ariel Gordon Jewelry necklaces are lovely on their own and can just as easily match with a casual sweater and a pair of jeans as a little black dress and an up do. The carefully minimalistic design featured in each item allows the gemstone or metallic decoration to shine through, creating a subtle flash of color or light that will enhance any outfit.

Ariel Gordon jewelry is made in the USA and features natural materials. The natural quality of these stones means each one is unique. No two opals have the exact same fire, and that unique quality helps to enhance the personal feeling that each item has. Though this collection doesn’t offer the same personalization options as many of our other products, it offers a fresh approach to the concept of customization that can allow you to make it your own. Whether you choose something that has a meaning only you will understand or make a significant selection for someone else, you can be confident that you’re purchasing a classic jewelry piece that will stand the test of time.

No matter what jewelry pieces you select from our Ariel Gordon collection, you’ll be selecting a carefully crafted item with all the beauty of a natural, untreated gemstone. Most of these items are available with complimentary giftwrapping options as well, allowing you to complete your gift presentation in a thoughtful, careful way. From young ladies celebrating a major milestone birthday to mothers and grandmothers excited about a new addition to the family, these necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings are deeply imbued with personal significance that the wearer will never forget.