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Shelly Harper

Add some stylized, bold pieces to your monogrammed jewelry collection with Mark and Graham’s Shelly Harper collection. Focusing on the use of warm, natural brass, our Shelly Harper ID jewelry and monogram cufflinks are made in the designer’s workshop in Oakland, California. A California native, Harper uses upcycled brass to craft the pieces in this collection, which offer hand-stamped custom monograms. The handmade elements of these accessories mean that each one is unique, allowing you to make an even more personal statement with your custom jewelry. From cufflinks to ID bracelets that put a new twist on a classic design, our Shelly Harper collection offers a variety of different ways to show the world who you are.

Balancing traditional prep sensibilities with a bohemian flair, Shelly Harper’s bracelets are among the most intriguing we offer. With options including an impressive brass cuff with customizable detailing, Harper’s design sensibilities recall timeless craftsmanship and effortlessly regal style. Ideal for pairing with a floaty dress or a sleek pair of jeans, our Shelly Harper brass cuff is an elegant statement piece you’ll be proud to showcase. For a more traditional look, opt for one of our Shelly Harper ID bracelets in brass with a delicate 14-karat gold-fill chain.

The necklaces in the Shelly Harper collection are sleek and simple, allowing you to showcase a subtle element of personalization on a shining brass bar. Using the clean lines so favored by fashionistas, these necklaces are suited for everyday wear. Available in a variety of different sizes, you can choose the chain length that’s right for you. If you prefer to wear your necklaces long, this presents plenty of options for you to try. The variable length selections also help these necklaces work well for layering, allowing you to wear multiple matching pieces at once featuring different names or initials on each pendant.

We also offer some stylish jewelry options for men in this collection, including a set of handsome brass cufflinks. Shelly Harper ID jewelry and monogram cufflinks have a gender-neutral sensibility that can allow individuals of any style preference to showcase their monogram. The hand-carved, hand-stamped cufflinks in this collection are of a crisp rectangular shape that beautifully features the natural texture of the brass. Choose different letters or numbers for each cufflink to create a coordinating set with special significance.

The jewelry in this collection is set apart not only for its handmade elements but also because brass is a special metal that has its own character. As with other brass objects, brass jewelry may change color and develop a naturally dusky patina over time. Brass can also age into a slightly muted metallic color or may take on a slightly turquoise hue as time passes. While these changes may be welcome for some wearers, those who want to maintain the metal’s original warmth and shine can preserve their brass jewelry finish by giving it a light polish every so often. Brass is not a high-maintenance material, but the pieces in our Shelly Harper collection are special enough to deserve some extra attention.

This customizable brass jewelry is a thoughtful gift for any of the stylish free spirits in your life. Even the hippest members of your family or friend group will love the thoughtful gesture present in a handcrafted, expertly designed piece of custom jewelry. If you’re wondering what to buy your cool younger sister when she graduates from art school, consider getting her one of these amazing pieces. But don’t stop short of giving one of these brass necklaces or bracelets to an older loved one, either. Shelly Harper’s amazing style and enlightened approach to materials make this collection a true gem that stands the test of time.