Jewelry Rolls

As many experienced travelers know, it can be tough to keep your prized possessions safe and organized while you’re on the go. This is especially true of jewelry, which can suffer nicks, snags and tangles when not properly packed for travel. Mark and Graham’s personalized jewelry rolls allow you to make knotted necklaces and missing earrings a thing of the past. Using a simple, time-honored design approach, our jewelry rolls provide specialized slots and compartments to allow you to carry earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches and rings with you on all your jet-setting adventures. From short domestic jaunts to international sojourns, our personalized jewelry rolls will help your jewelry stay fresh as a daisy from start to finish.

No matter where your voyages take you, it’s important to have the right travel gear. That’s true even for small items like jewelry. You wouldn’t just toss all your clothes in a bag and expect it all to arrive neat and unwrinkled, right? The same thing goes for jewelry. While small jewelry pouches are a great idea for small items such as stud earrings, it’s smart to give each item of jewelry its own special place to rest when it’s packed away. This means that your necklaces and bracelets, especially those strung on fine chains, should be stored separately from other items and secured in place to avoid tangling and knotting. With special tabs and pockets designed specifically for necklace and bracelet storage, our personalized jewelry rolls have what it takes to get your jewelry from point A to point B without suffering any damage or requiring any frustrating detangling sessions during your vacation.

These customizable jewelry storage pieces are great for any occasion in which you’ll be taking your jewelry on the go, even if it’s just going from the gym to your house. From post-work treadmill sessions to pre-brunch Pilates, jewelry rolls make a great investment if you ever find yourself searching for a safe place to store your favorite jewelry. Just toss one of our jewelry rolls in your work tote or gym bag and you’ll never have to worry about losing or forgetting your favorite jewelry in a purse’s black hole again. From sleepovers at a friend’s house to everyday comings and goings, jewelry rolls are useful for any kind of travel, even when it’s close to home.

Our jewelry rolls feature storage compartments that are ideal for storing small jewelry items such as rings or earrings, including small studs and large chandelier styles. We offer a variety of different travel jewelry storage, including some specialized watch and bracelet storage boxes that let you carefully store watches, bangles, cuffs and charm bracelets in a specially designed cylindrical case. Like our jewelry rolls, these other jewelry storage boxes and cases are great for travel, but you can also keep them in constant use in your closet if you wish. This is a wise way to keep your jewelry safe, secure and free from dust and other particulate buildup during storage.

Available in materials such as seersucker fabric and linen, our jewelry rolls carry our signature preppy chic style and match with a variety of other items in our collection, including travel bags and suitcases. You can stay coordinated and together on every level, giving your travels a polished finish to help make every trip picture perfect. Finish up your selection with your monogram to truly make it your own. Though they’re practical, our personalized jewelry rolls are so cute and stylish that you just might want to pick up a few extra for your friends and family. These are great gifts to give for birthdays, graduations, bon voyage parties, retirements or just as a thoughtful gesture for a loved one.

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