Maya Brenner

Mark and Graham’s Maya Brenner initial jewelry collection offers a modern take on personalization. From delicate silhouettes of your home state to bold sans-serif lettering, this jewelry collection uses clean lines and a casual approach. With these jewelry pieces, you can showcase who you are and what you care about in a subtle way. If bold monograms aren’t your style or if you simply want some unique alternatives to add into your collection of personalized jewelry, the Maya Brenner initial jewelry collection is an excellent choice. Perfect for casual daily wear, this jewelry collection is fresh and on-trend.

The asymmetrical necklaces in the Maya Brenner collection reflect the namesake designer’s cool California sensibilities. Brenner, an LA-based jewelry artist, has made a name for herself among the Hollywood elite thanks to her unique vision and polished approach. Able to perfectly balance quality design with a dash of quirky style, Maya Brenner’s jewelry will help you stand out from the crowd. Available in sterling silver and yellow gold plate finishes, these necklaces showcase their letters on the side rather than the front of the delicate chain, giving a subtle shift to the typical design of a pendant necklace.

Other necklaces in the Maya Brenner initial jewelry collection feature delicate outline of iconic U.S. state silhouettes. Whether you’ve got a deep love for where you are or your want to keep a faraway hometown closer to your heart, these necklaces provide an elegant take on a growing trend. Your choices for jewelry finish for these geography-focused pieces may include sterling silver or solid 14 karat gold. Maya Brenner may just be responsible for the state-outline trend thanks to her innovative designs, and you can feel secure knowing you’re wearing or gifting a true original from a world-renowned jewelry designer.

In addition to these charming state-outline necklaces, Maya Brenner’s state-outline designs are available on painted porcelain catchall jewelry trays. Perfect for keeping on your vanity, bedside table, dresser or bathroom sink, these small decorative dishes are just the right size for holding small trinkets and other easy-to-lose items. From your wedding ring to an essential flash drive at work, the Maya Brenner initial jewelry collection’s catchalls will give you a memorable, convenient place to keep all those little odds and ends you can’t afford to misplace. With their clever design and durable construction, these catchall dishes balance form and function, allowing you to adorn your personal space with your favorite U.S. state.

The pieces in this collection make excellent gifts, especially for women who may feel too far away from home. Thanks to Brenner’s signature style, which uses clean lines and a modern approach to personalized jewelry, these necklaces, earrings and other pieces are a great choice for anyone with a casual personal style. From young ladies who love trendy accessories to elegant grandmothers who seem to have it all when it comes to jewelry, the Maya Brenner initial jewelry collection is a great choice. With their delicate, superfine chains and shiny bold letters, the items in this collection are a triumph of careful design.

If one of these necklaces, bracelets or other pieces catches your eye, don’t hesitate to add it to your own collection of accessories. The Maya Brenner initial jewelry collection is perfect for daily wear. Whether you’re headed off to the office or are going on a casual picnic with your girlfriends, you’ll be able to make a quiet statement about your life and loves. These pieces have a low enough profile to be worn alone or layered with other bracelets, necklaces and earrings, too, so don’t hesitate to wear them with other jewelry for a more formal event too.