Buying a personalized gift really shows the other person that you care, and that you put a lot of thought into the present. Personalized jewelry really has an effect on a recipient, as it is such an appreciated gift. When shopping for the winter holidays, Mother’s Day and birthdays, engraved bracelets are a gift idea the recipient can treasure forever.

There are many types of different bracelets to choose from, with styles for both men and women. For youth, shop for a more casual look, such as double-wrap grosgrain ID bracelets or adjustable rope bracelets. Fun, colorful and something a person can wear every day, the bracelets' metal faces allow you to engrave the person’s name, initials or a meaningful phrase for complete personalization. Men often appreciate rope and ID bracelets as well. Choose from fabric and metal styles, or opt for a sterling silver ID bracelet, complete with your loved one’s name.

Chain and cuff bracelets are also exceptional gift ideas when shopping for jewelry, with different styles and metals available to suit every taste. A bangle with a beautiful script of the person’s name is a fresh idea, or a solid metal cuff makes a bold statement. Additionally, you can also get Roman numeral bracelets, should you decide to place meaningful numbers in engraved bracelets. Chain bracelets are delicate and often come with a beautiful pendant or charm to showcase style.

Remember that every single jewelry gift offered by Mark and Graham allows you the opportunity for personalization. Our monogram shop handles any and all personalization, from jewelry to gifts for the home. A personalized gift does not take too long to arrive, either. Our personalization and monogrammed jewelry gifts arrive in just a little over a week’s time for convenience. Choose from one-letter monograms, classic style or complete words to truly make your gift, or a purchase for yourself, stand out.

We also offer many different bracelet designs through top designers in our shop. Well-known designers such as Sarah Chloe, Maya Brenner, Ariel Gordon and Shelly Harper share many of their designs with us so we may share them with you. For delicate, yet striking designs, Sarah Chloe offers bangle and cuff bracelets in different metals with unique designs and accents, such as diamonds. Also opt for her delicate chain necklaces and bracelets for a classic look. Designer Maya Brenner offers a beautiful and striking chain bracelet with the person’s initials. Simple, yet elegant, Brenner’s designs are personal and interesting. Many other designs, such as necklaces, are available.

Ariel Gordon offers up many striking jewelry designs as well, and many of hers feature semi-precious stones and precious stones such as diamonds. Her love knot design is a beautiful one, and it is available as both a chain bracelet and a beautiful ring in various metals. The designs by Shelly Harper are very contemporary, and she offers designs such as a brass ID bracelet for either men or women and a large brass cuff that’s a great complement to a daring outfit. Bold and eye-catching, choose Harper’s designs for a friend or for yourself on a special occasion.

Once you have selected an engraved bracelet or other piece of jewelry, place it in a customized jewelry box. Look for beautiful boxes made of wood, porcelain and metal, with styles such as monogrammed, heart-shaped and valet boxes. As with jewelry, any jewelry box or storage item can be monogrammed and personalized. These types of gifts are not only functional, but thoughtful as well.