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Whether it’s a special occasion such as graduation, a birthday or anniversary, or you are simply shopping for the winter holidays, take a little extra time to customize a gift for someone you love. Personalized jewelry is always a thoughtful idea for any type of occasion. Mother’s Day, birthdays and even for “anytime” gifts, engraved and customized jewelry is always appreciated. Engraved rings and customized earrings are elegant and timeless, letting the recipient know you’ve put a lot of thought and effort into their gift.

Shopping for jewelry is much easier when you have a vast selection at your fingertips. Look for rings that really showcase a loved one’s sense of style – such as a silver ring with a numeral, to showcase someone’s lucky number. Other ring choices include diamond eternity bands or rocha rings in silver or gold with the recipient’s engraved initial. Those shopping for jewelry or gifts for men may be interested in unisex rings, such as a modern beveled rectangle ring in silver or a classic oval signet ring in gold or silver.

All jewelry, including all engraved rings from Mark and Graham, can be customized with a monogram or other word or phrase. It may also be a surprise to gift-givers that monogrammed and personalized gifts arrive at your doorstep in just a little over a week’s time. Simply visit our monogram shop to discover how you can personalize nearly every gift, from home items to jewelry.

Those having a tough time making jewelry decisions may want to shop by designer as opposed to shopping by type. Many well-known jewelry designers are featured on our webpages, with everything from customized earrings to personalized cufflinks. Some of our most popular designers include Sarah Chloe, Ariel Gordon, Shelly Harper and Maya Brenner. Those looking for versatile, yet classic jewelry may like to shop Sarah Chloe, whose designs include the aforementioned rocha ring and other signet rings that look absolutely stunning with a monogram. Chloe also features elegant disc earrings in either silver or gold. Those in search of delicate designs with precious stones may find the designs of Ariel Gordon appealing. Semi-precious stone earrings look wonderful, yet delicate, and a love knot ring design in either silver or brass is an ideal gift for the special someone in your life. This designer also has many necklace designs with semi-precious and precious stones that complement a beautiful ring or a perfect set of earrings.

Shelly Harper’s designs are eclectic and interesting, with bar-shaped cufflinks, chunky brass cuffs and bar necklaces. Harper’s designs are ideal for those who prefer modern-styled jewelry and love the look of brass. For those who like contemporary, versatile earrings, designer Maya Brenner features many eclectic, yet elegant styles. Look for letterbox earrings that proudly display the initials of the recipient of your gift. Alternatively, these customized earrings are also a great gift to give yourself, whether to celebrate a special occasion or simply as a reward for a job well done. Available in silver, these earring studs easily complement a casual or formal outfit.

When you are shopping for jewelry, especially for a significant other or parent, you may want to opt for a set or something that mixes and matches well. Consider adding a necklace to complement both earring and ring styles. Silver or gold locket necklaces add a personable, warm touch, while elegant chain necklaces with precious stones easily match earrings, especially from select designers. Monogrammed necklaces with a person’s name or initials also make a great gift, and these are easily matched with earrings or rings of the same metal and style.

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