Nothing quite says you care like a gift that is personalized. Every gift is, of course, always appreciated, but really customizing a gift toward the recipient’s tastes is so thoughtful. Perfect for nearly any occasion, these necklaces give the gift of jewelry and the gift of personalization. From gold to silver, from casual to formal, there are a variety of different types of necklaces that are easily customized and engraved, perfect for Mother’s Day, birthdays and other occasions.

When shopping for jewelry, it can be an exceedingly tough task to find the right item. There are many factors to consider when you try to match someone’s tastes along with the right type of jewelry. For example, you have to consider whether the recipient prefers gold or silver accessories. Long or short chains? Necklaces or bracelets? The list of questions to ask may seem endless, and it can be hard to make a choice. Opting for engraved necklaces can really narrow down the options a bit. Look for locket-type necklaces, where the recipient can add a picture of a loved one, and also have the benefit of having her name (or a loved one’s name) engraved into the pendant. Also consider script necklaces, so the wearer can have his name or a meaningful phrase spelled out around his neck. Available in both gold and silver, these charming necklaces are not meant to spend their lives sitting in a jewelry box. There are many other ways to customize a necklace, including designing a necklace made of Roman numerals, finding something cute, such as an envelope pendant or pocketbook pendant necklace, or simply working with a chain.

Mark and Graham believes wholeheartedly in personalized necklaces, and every single necklace we sell offers customization options. Simply peruse our monogram shop to find out how simple it is to have necklaces monogrammed, engraved or bestowed with initials. Engraving is not just for gold and silver – leather and suede materials are easily engraved, and many of our other non-jewelry gifts can be personalized as well. Free gift wrap is often included, and personalized, monogrammed items arrive quickly in just a little over a week.

Another benefit of shopping with us is the ability to look through jewelry collections by top designers. Designers such as Sarah Chloe offer beautiful designs, not only for necklaces, but for other pieces of jewelry such as bracelets, rings and cufflinks. Some of the most brilliant necklace designs come from our designers, such as the aforementioned script necklace. Other featured designers include Maya Brenner, Ariel Gordon and Shelly Harper. Maya’s designs are simple, yet elegant. Look for beautiful, delicate chains with small, lovely pendants that make perfect gifts. Ariel Gordon’s designs feature necklaces with beautiful precious stones. Gordon’s Love Knot necklace is a wonderful gift for that someone special. Designer Shelly Harper’s designs include the vertical brass bar necklace, an eclectic and contemporary necklace that is likely to turn heads. All of the designer necklaces come complete with the same customization options.

To really make a lasting impression, shop finer jewelry and necklaces, such as those with diamonds. The diamond pendant necklace and diamond Sienna necklace are truly sights to behold. Available in both silver and gold, a beautiful pendant encrusted with dazzling diamonds makes a perfect gift for the other half in your life on an anniversary or special occasion. Mom would also appreciate a kind, thoughtful gesture, such as a classic diamond necklace on her birthday, for the winter holidays or for her next Mother’s Day.