Apparel + Blankets

Apparel + Blankets

Greet the new arrival in your life with a personal gift. Our baby clothing and blankets are as stylish as they are cozy, so new parents and babies can both appreciate them. Choose from a selection of colors and customize your gift with a monogram, name or message. Pair your selection with other baby items for a themed gift.

Blankets are essentials for any new parent. They provide warmth, protecting little ones from chills. They also add cushioning to strollers and carriers. Baby blankets should be made from lightweight and soft materials, which are gentle on sensitive skin. All of our baby items feel comfortable on delicate newborn skin. Mark and Graham offers a variety of different materials to suit different styles. Knit blankets are classics that can warm up little ones on their own or be layered with other blankets and bedding. Knits generally pack small, so it is easy to carry one in a tote when you’re on the go. Sherpa is a soft and cuddly material that provides additional warmth for colder days. Woven cotton is durable and easy to wash, which comes in handy when those inevitable spills happen.

Baby blankets come in several different sizes. Smaller, lighter blankets are ideal for newborns, as the smaller sizes make swaddling a breeze. Larger blankets are excellent choices for growing babies and are also great multipurpose blankets. Parents can lay them out on the floor as play mats or add them to the stroller or car seat on a cool day. A blanket paired with a handkerchief can make feeding and cleanup comfortable and easy.

Babies may have yet to develop their own personal style, but their parents certainly know what they like. Personalized clothing sets little ones apart from the crowd. Onesies are always popular gift options. These one-piece clothing items make dressing and diaper changes quick and easy, and they consist of easy to clean fabrics like cotton. Baby clothing such as onesies comes in different sizes based on age; however, this is more of a general guideline than a rule. Like grown-ups, babies come in different shapes and sizes. Many parents appreciate receiving clothing in a variety of sizes so that they can quickly upgrade as their child grows. Hats are also practical clothing items, as they help babies stay warm. Baby clothing accessories like hats make excellent gifts on their own and, because they are usually one-size-fits-all, they make easy gift choices. Clothing makes an excellent gift on its own, but you can also pair it with keepsakes or add it to gift baskets for a larger gift.

Our items offer plenty of personalization options. Knit blankets and soft items often feature embroidery, which shows up easily on plush surfaces. You can choose to add names, initials, nicknames, birthdates or short phrases to items such as blankets or hats. We provide an excellent selection of fonts and colors, so you can mix and match fabric and thread shades. Fabric items such as onesies usually include digital printing. Choose between monogramming and personalization that include initials or names. Many items also offer a choice of graphics.

Apparel and blankets are low maintenance and easy to wash. Many of our items feature machine washable fabrics. Simply add them to a gentle cold water cycle with some detergent. Hand washing helps certain fabrics keep their shape. If the care instructions call for hand washing, simply clean these in cold water with gentle detergent and hang them to dry or lay them flat on a towel. Help keep blankets in top shape by stowing them away when they are not in use. You can add them to a diaper bag, weekender or duffel when you are on the go or store them in a blanket box in your home.

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