A baby’s birth is one of the happiest – if not the happiest – moments in a parent’s life. From the instant a mother’s or father’s eyes meet their newborn’s innocent face, it’s like everything else in the world disappears. Moms and dads love their kids so much that every little detail – from their first steps to the colorful works of art they create – is precious. Mark and Graham’s baby gifts and keepsakes find their way into any parent’s heart by safeguarding beautiful memories for a lifetime.

Keepsakes are a great choice for baby shower gifts. They’re a way to share the family’s joy for the birth of their newborn. Anything that shows the world how special their little one is makes moms and dads happy. And the beauty of a keepsake is that it never becomes outdated. It’s something that brings back tender memories for ages, reminding parents of their child and of you; a trusted family friend. Here are a few gift ideas to inspire you.

Baby-themed nursery decorations are attractive and elegant. Metallic surfaces brighten up the room and grab an infant’s attention too. Most importantly, they create a loving atmosphere. Lustrous platinum tones are inspiring and positive. They celebrate the baby’s amazing future and great parents. Shapes like ducks, teddy bears, building blocks or spoons all fit a nursery well.

Some keepsakes become family heirlooms; something that kids pass on to grandchildren with time. Many heirlooms contain elements of beautiful metals like silver, gold or platinum. That helps them last for a long time and retain their elegance. Luxurious baby brushes, combs and picture frames are a few possibilities.

Of course, practical pieces can have a strong connection to mom or dad’s heartstrings too. So don’t forget about things like supersoft blankets and plush animals. Feeding spoons and baby’s first plate are also items that parent’s treasure and often pass on to their own kids later. Even a comfy cotton onesie personalized with baby’s name on it is something to hold onto as a reminder of those tiny feet and hands that grow into an adult to be proud of.

Hospital mementos are something that mom’s and dad’s never part with. It might be the newborn’s ID tag or first footprints and handprints. A son’s or daughter’s birth certificate – with parents’ signatures on it – is a special link to baby’s very first night in the world. Keep these memories safe with an engraved birth certificate holder or family album. A beautiful locket with the newborn’s picture stays next to mom’s heart literally.

A monogram makes your gift stand out instantly. Why does it have such a powerful effect? For one thing, personalization gives a present a distinguished feel. It tells everyone that this baby is a family’s precious heir. Monograms enhance metallic gifts with even more elegance. And when you customize something with the baby’s name or date of birth, it lets parents know how much you care. A bracelet with space for several initials is great for moms with a number of kids. That way they feel equally close to all of them.

Each piece is different, and some look great with a single letter monogram. Others shine with all three initials. And many baby keepsakes have enough room for a number of characters. There are a lot of customization possibilities. Shorter lines hold around nine characters. That’s usually enough for a newborn’s first name. Other lines have room for up to 20 letters. In that case, go with baby’s full first and last name, as well as a middle initial. Or include the birth date. Larger gifts can even accommodate two lines of text. That lets you write a name and other special details.

Feel free to be playful with customizations too. After all, this is an extremely happy event. Phrases like “Ilovemom,” or “hug me,” are lots of fun. A creative saying makes parents smile and makes babies look totally adorable. Some monograms are available in vibrant colors that get kids excited too.