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Help the man in your life enhance his style while boating, sailing or relaxing at the beach or lake with a bracelet that fits a guy who loves spending time by the water. With classic styling, men’s bracelets can make a simple, subtle fashion statement. In fact, they’ve been doing that throughout history all the way back to the Egyptian era. So, men’s bracelets aren’t a new trend, but an everlasting one.

Wear one bracelet at a time or mix and match wearing a couple at a time. Stacking bracelets on one wrist is a way to show off a little pizzazz for a night out on the town or on a special date. Whether he likes to be subtle or bold, bracelets accessorize any outfit. Bracelets might be made with hand-knotted leather for a rugged look in natural, earthy tones. These might look like something Ernest Hemingway would have worn at sea. Or, he might like bracelets handmade with knotted nautical cord in nautically-themed colors like red, blue and green for a more casual look. Men can wear bright colors with confidence.

Pair bracelets with a sweater. The warmth of a pullover or button-down is ideal for windy or cool conditions at the beach, lake or home. He will look good and feel good by the water or away at dinner, taking a walk or just hanging out with friends. To show off the bracelet that surely matches the sweater, he might want to roll up the sleeves a little to make the bracelets more noticeable. Rolling up sleeves gives off a relaxed, almost bohemian vibe, especially when the bracelet fits that mood.

Consider a jewelry box or valet to keep bracelets, rings and other jewelry secure. That way, he’ll never lose the bracelet you selected specifically for him. If he wears several different bracelets, a jewelry box keeps them all together and out of sight. They tend to be larger than valets, so are capable of holding lots of jewelry.

A men’s valet or catchall will also keep his bracelets, coins and other jewelry safely in one place, while keeping them visible. There’s no cover on them like a jewelry box. The advantage is that the valets make it easy to grab whatever he needs and go out the door, especially on hectic mornings. The valets are attractive and suitable for placement on a dresser, credenza or a desk. Their size is also small enough to fit on a bathroom shelf or tucked out of the way inside a drawer.

Travel bags and suitcases that fit airline standards come with easy to transport wheels and convenient handles that slide out of the way when not needed. Those with outside zippered pockets are good for keeping bracelets stored out of the way during security scanning. That way, there’s no risk of someone else picking up the bracelet. Once he passes through metal detectors, he can place the bracelet back on his wrist.

Adding a matching travel pouch for toiletries, bracelets and other essentials is a good idea to keep small items safe for trips. Zippered closures keep the items from slipping out during transport. At the hotel, bed-and-breakfast or wherever he’s staying, the travel pouch is a convenient way to keep small items all in one place. By keeping them all together, there’s less chance of leaving jewelry and other small things behind.

A rounded jewelry box is especially handy for travel and very suitable for carrying men’s bracelets. The rounded shape fits easily in a suitcase and doesn’t take up much room. It keeps jewelry from getting tangled and a soft inner lining resists scratches.