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Sweaters have a warm place in any man’s closet. They’re practical, fashionable and personal. During the winter, a sweater adds an extra layer of insulation for cold weather. And when spring or fall evenings get cool, sweaters are a welcome way to enjoy time spent with family and friends outdoors. That way you can sit around a campfire sharing drinks, laughter and pleasant conversation. Lighter sweaters accompany you through the day, no matter what time of year. At Mark and Graham, we want to help you create outfits that express your personality and make you feel just as comfortable as you are confident. Our men’s sweaters are one elegant weapon in your fashion arsenal. Here a few different types of sweaters you can use.

Crew neck sweaters are the casual everyman of style. They’re great for just about any informal occasion, from a day on campus to a trip to the lake. Comfy and soft, it’s alright to use crew necks by themselves, kind of like a relaxed long-sleeve shirt.

The V-neck sweater looks like it sounds. It stands out right away thanks to its distinctive neckline. This is an extremely versatile and chic piece that’s suitable both for work and play. It’s not quite as formal as a sweater vest, but it’s close. So feel free to use a V-neck sweater with a tie and dress slacks when having lunch with clients or colleagues. It also looks great with an unbuttoned shirt underneath when you want to just hang out with friends. Appropriate for a date? Absolutely. Bow tie or no bow tie.

A shawl collar sweater has an extremely cozy feel. You can recognize it from the thick neckline that sweeps around. This kind of sweater is popular in cardigans, and definitely keeps you warm. Some styles are fully buttoned or have a top-to-bottom zipper, while others are a pullover with a few buttons at the top. Just be prepared for that special someone to want to hug you due to your attractive appearance.

The turtle neck is another jack-of-all trades. It has a long vertical neck that protects you from the wind and gives you a very intelligent and introspective air. You can use it by itself, over a shirt, or underneath a leather jacket. This semi-formal style is appropriate in any workplace where you don’t need to use a tie. It’s also very, very chic.

The kind of sweater you pick, as well as its fabric, patter and color, all create a specific feel – choose what makes you feel best about your sweater and yourself. Here are a few ideas to inspire you. Remember that it’s totally acceptable and even desirable to design outside the box. And no matter what style defines you, a monogram gives it sophistication and excitement.

As the boy next door, you’re sensitive and romantic. You notice details and take the time to leave notes around the house for that special someone. A hooded sweater with comfy blue jeans makes your bright eyes especially inviting. Are you a scholar instead? Your style gives an air of introspective and insightful. You’re a book lover. Wear a shawl collar or a neutral turtleneck with casual pants and comfy shoes for this look. Fuzzy is especially good here.

The entrepreneur definitely knows how to dress for success. He wears a V-neck sweater in a vibrant color with the sleeves rolled up. A gorgeous watch and leather shoes make sure people notice when you leave the building. The g raduate is uberpopular. This preppy style includes formal white pants, shawl collar sweater, matching scarf, tie and of course a leather tote where you carry your study materials and laptop. The heir is a man who respects and is respected. A little bit formal, a little bit life-of-the-party, you’re not afraid to make a statement. Brightly-colored pants and ever-present sunglasses add a sense of coolness, while a monogrammed sweater says you’re proud of your family name.