Ties + Pocket Squares

Ties + Pocket Squares

Men value respect. Deep down, most dream of being like James Bond; always calm, cool and in control. In fact, some studies suggest that if they had to pick between being respected and loved, a large portion of men prefer respect. Not that you have to worry about choosing; as a distinguished gentleman wearing monogrammed Mark and Graham accessories, you can enjoy both the affection and admiration of those around you. The way you dress creates a vibe that others perceive. Want to give the impression that you’ve always got the right answer for any situation? Powerful men’s tie and pocket square combinations highlight your major panache and intellect. Here are a few suggestions when selecting and brandishing your personalized wardrobe.

When should you wear a tie or pocket square? Well, you want to feel comfortable, so it’s good to follow your gut when it comes to semi-formal situations. But at a formal affair, these accessories have an amazing effect on your outfit. They immediately transform you into the likes of the illustrious Mr. Gatsby: a little bit over-the-top and totally luxurious. They guarantee a great first impression whether asking a woman out to dance, meeting with international clients or looking to turn some heads when you show up at a party. You look distinguished and professional no matter where you go.

A tie is a great way to make a statement about your personality. It says something regarding your favorite colors and passions. Are you an innocent blue-eyed boy next door? Do you have a secret novelist or artist hidden inside? Express your strengths with tie colors and designs. If you’re an introspective problem-solver, go with softer pastels to make others relax around you. Trendsetters who aren’t afraid to be different love vibrant colors that draw lots of attention their way. And people with lots of creative flair can use striking patterns as the final stroke of their fashion masterpiece.

Some recommend taking into account your skin complexion and hair contrast to decide what colors look best on you, but we say choose based on your personality instead. Your hair color doesn’t determine whether you’re a titan of industry, but your attitude does. So go with something that makes you even more you. That said, here are a few things to keep in mind that can enhance your look a ton.

First, it’s easier to use your suit as a base and then add custom flair with a tie instead of vice-versa. Dark suits like black and navy blue are gorgeous and effortless to accent. Light colored suits open up tons of possibilities. Neutral gray and brown tones go with pretty much anything. As a rule of thumb, solid colors are simpler to match than patterned suits – which aren’t necessarily hard, of course, but just take a little more planning.

Cool tie tones like blue, navy, purple and dark green melt gently into your look. They create a nice complementary sensation with most shirts and suits. Add a bright pop of something warm when you want to stand out. Red, yellow and orange are all guaranteed to grab people’s attention.

What about patterns? Contrary to what you might think, there’s nothing wrong with using polka dots with a striped shirt. Since you want to emphasize each layer of your outfit individually, the basic idea is to make sure tie and shirt textures don’t mirror each other. Bottom line: if your shirt has pin stripes, try to avoid using a pin-striped tie too. But a tie with thick stripes is totally acceptable and even desirable in this situation. Above all else, have fun and pick something that gets you excited.

Pocket squares do for your suit what a purse does for a woman’s look. Can you get by without it? Sure. But there’s a space there begging to be filled. A chic pocket square blows everyone away and gives you extra sophistication. For maximum effect, pair the square with your tie’s secondary color – or a contrasting tone with solid ties. White goes beautifully with anything.

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