Travel Bags

Travel Bags

Why important? Travel is a necessity for lots of guys, from business professionals to college students. Besides that, heading to a resort for vacation is a dreamy opportunity. And while time spent on the beach is especially memorable, the trip there can be just as exciting. It’s all about making sure you travel as comfortably as possible. And that’s where Mark and Graham excels. Our men’s travel bags make your life a whole lot easier. Their stylish contours and designs appeal to any taste, from the laidback traveler who values relaxation above all else to the financial powerhouse that dresses for success no matter where he’s at. Check out the variety of models available, and then choose a monogram to put the finishing touches on a portable masterpiece.

If you’re looking for a gift for a special man in your life, travel bags are something he’s likely to treasure. For one thing, it’s something practical that gets used time and time again for years. For many guys, their luggage is like a faithful friend that accompanies them through life’s journeys. They remember every place where it’s been, whether a beach somewhere across the world or on a short jaunt to visit loved ones. So do they develop an emotional connection with their favorite duffle bag or suitcase? Chances are yes.

That’s especially true since our travel pieces are made of high-quality materials and feature careful craftsmanship. They keep electronic devices safe whether in checked baggage or carried onto the plane. So if your friend has a certain hobby or preferred souvenir – like international specialty liquors straight from their country of origin – it’s a relief to know they stay in pristine condition during the trip. A durable polycarbonate shell provides a thick layer of protection against bumps, shifting or impacts during loading and unloading. And the best part is that even though its solid, our luggage is also lightweight, so checking in at the airport is almost effortless.

Not sure what to give your boss as a present? A rolling briefcase makes a great impression and is a big help for businessmen. That’s because it has the best of both worlds. It has room for office documents, a laptop, electronic devices and anything else an influential individual needs. There’s no need to take everything out of a separate work case and pack it into a large suitcase. Just keep your briefcase fully stocked and ready to go. If you travel around the country often, that’s a huge time saver. Travel light? Many travel briefcases also have a spot for a change of clothes for quick overnight trips. It fits smoothly on top of larger luggage if you need to bring more items, or you can roll it by itself while waiting in the boarding line.

Our carry-on spinners are a popular choice for any traveler. They’re highly versatile, thanks to a spacious main compartment and several different pockets both on the inside and outside. A place for beach clothes? Check. Somewhere for your towel? You got it. Changes of clothes, mementos, shoes for work and play, tons of electronic devices; everything fits. And it’s still an appropriate size to slide securely into an aircraft’s overhead bin. That way you have what you want for a totally unforgettable getaway.

Of course, capacity and expert construction are only half of the equation. The other thing that makes our travel pieces stand out is their distinctive appearance. When walking through the airport or hotel with a cream travel case that has leather accents, you’re guaranteed to turn a lot of heads. It gives you a distinguished Italian air of importance. And we’re just getting started. Add an elegant monogram to show off your signature style. Our personalized fonts feature geometric contours and powerful designs that say something about you. You choose the format and color that best represents you. And as an added bonus, a monogram also makes it a breeze to find your luggage at the airport – although our amazing pieces are already unmistakable. And if you want to take things even further, attach a brightly colored monogrammed luggage tag.