Personalizing your luggage shows you take pride in how you carry yourself and your possessions. Adding your monogram or name to a bag or suitcase is a classy way to show ownership and make finding your bag a bit easier. Imagine yourself standing at the baggage claim and searching for your traditional, basic colored bag. Now imagine having your name stitched on the front or a bold monogram on the center. Wouldn’t that make finding your bag quicker and more fun?

Typically, men’s travel luggage can be quite basic. You usually find solid colors with no special markings to make the piece standout. However, luggage from Mark and Graham is high-quality gear that you can make your own. Found the bag you love? Now it’s time for you to complete your look with a coordinating luggage tag. Luggage tags are a requirement during travel, so you might as well make it match. If you love a bold look, consider a bright red or blue tag for a pop of color. However, you might prefer a neutral option if you’re searching for a balanced and blended look. Our luggage tags come in a wide variety of colors with different fonts so you truly can make it reflect who you are.

You can also create a sophisticated look for yourself with a passport cover. You can customize that as well by placing your monogram on the front. Like to keep all your essentials in one place? Consider purchasing a wallet or money clip to compliment your suitcase or travel bag. You can easily place these accessories in your briefcase or carry-on bag for quick access. Creating a sleek and refined look for yourself is easy when you select any of our travel accessories.

Traveling can be quite stressful. Delayed flights and long lines are just the start of the struggles you’ll experience at the airport. Selecting the right piece of luggage is important if you’re looking to make traveling a less stressful process. If you plan on checking a bag and usually carry many items with you, one of our checked spinners would be a great choice. You can ensure you never run out of space with one of these larger suitcases, as they can hold more than a carry-on bag. Stay organized with one of our travel pouches or other accessory bags to ensure nothing gets lost.

If you have to make quick flights frequently and don’t need to take much with you, a carry-on spinner might be better for you. You’ll feel less stressed if you’re only travelling with one bag, and you’ll also have quick access to all of your possessions in flight. In addition to personalizing your carry-on, you can also add a luggage tag or keychain to make your bag standout.

Travel for business and pleasure? You can be prepared for anything life throws at you by selecting an entire set. Having several options will make you feel comfortable packing for any type of trip. With a carry-on bag and a larger sized bag, you’ll never feel like you can’t take something with you.

If you’re travelling for business, you can keep all your essentials at close reach with a rolling briefcase. You can save your shoulder from the stress of carrying a heavy bag thanks to the wheels, and you can make it yours with a simple monogram. Business travel usually means you have to keep your laptop, your tablet, and your work phone with you at all times. Stay organized by packing all your essentials in one of our sophisticated tech cases. Your luggage makes a statement about you; make it all you with personalization.

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