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At Mark and Graham, we’re dedicated to the modern gentleman. You’re debonair, fashionable and successful. You know how to work hard and connect with people. But your friends also know you as someone fun and charismatic. You’re the life of the party, but with an ever-present air of class. Express your personality with monogrammed accessories that reflect your signature style. They enhance your look whether headed to an elegant black-tie affair or just out for some drinks – shaken, not stirred – with friends. Here are a few luxurious accent possibilities to supercharge your look. Oh, and if you’re searching for the perfect present for a special man in your life – father, brother, friend or love – all men’s accessories offer a great place to start.

It’s hard to find something more traditional and beloved than a gentleman’s wallet. And though the purpose of wallets has changed over time – less physical currency and more digital purchasing power – their sense of sophistication hasn’t. Leather is distinguished and beautiful, which makes it no surprise that it’s a favorite for wallets. With time, leather develops a unique patina that reminds you of your travels. A prominent monogram tells the world who you are, adding even more charm to your outfit. Expect to turn a few heads at a restaurant or store every time you slip it out to pay.

On the practical side, our wallets have lots of space for a number of credit cards, business cards and your ID. Pictures of loved ones keep them close to you, especially unforgettable moments together that keep your heart warm. Oh, and there’s a spot for cash, for those times when there’s nothing quite like paying with real money.

Another elegant way to carry around currency is with a money clip. What are the main differences between a money clip and a wallet? Well, it’s important to know that both are equally sophisticated. Wallets and money clips – even more with a monogram – both give you a sense of confidence and inspire respect. The main difference depends on personal preference and especially your spending habits.

If you prefer traveling light, a money clip usually means fewer items. Also, some people just prefer the feel of paper currency – although they also hold credit cards – against the skin. And a sleek band of lustrous metal has a distinctive appearance. Bottom line, a money clip is a more concentrated shot of currency, but also holds less. You probably have to select your most-used credit card, debit card and ID to carry. That narrow profile, though, lets you slip a money clip into places a wallet only dreams of, like a shirt pocket or the inside of your coat or jacket.

A monogrammed handkerchief is another vintage accessory that gives you a ton of 1930s flair. Soft linen is bright and exquisite, making your initials stand out in the font of your choice. Men throughout history, from nobility and movie stars to unnamed British superspies with a penchant for adventure, have long viewed a handkerchief as a sign of haute couture. And they’re functional too, letting gentlemen dry a loved one’s tears, clean the corner of the mouth after a delicious meal, or disguise allergies.

Our custom monogram styles let men express their personality. There are options for a large single letter, first and last initial, or traditional three-letter format. Generally, with three initials the order is first name, last name, middle initial. That works well since many layouts emphasize the second letter – your surname. Fonts vary from modern to classic, so it’s not hard to find the one that represents you. After selecting the design, pick out a color as well. Ivory stitching disappears into the surface. Platinum, navy and plum are instantly luxurious. Other vibrant tones are a mixture of playful and artistic. Go with what defines you as a person, or perhaps your favorite color.

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