Italian Bedding

Italian Bedding

Getting enough sleep is important for everyone. It promotes better heart health, keeps you alert and creative throughout the day and even helps the body stay fit. Sleep also has a major effect on your emotions. After a good night’s sleep, you wake up with a positive attitude and a smile on your face. And that helps your relationships with your spouse, children, friends and family, so you stay happy. It’s important to create the right mood in the bedroom so it’s easier to fall asleep. Top on the list: a comfy mattress and soothing bedding. At Mark and Graham, we offer supersoft bedding with an elegant twist. Bring the luxury of a five-star hotel in Milan to your bedroom with our Italian bedding collections. You’ll be snoozing in exquisite relaxation in no time.

Our Italian bedding collections are made of 100 percent cotton percale. What makes cotton such a great choice for the bedroom? It’s extremely fresh and breathable. Cotton also wicks moisture away from your skin. The effect is that you feel clean and cool all night long. Cotton stays comfy even when it’s hot outside, and toasty when it gets cold. That constant temperature is a big help is getting the most out of bedtime. Plus cotton is naturally hypoallergenic for people with sensitive skin. And it’s soft to the touch. Want even more? Italian cotton is safe for machine washing and drying, so it’s easy to handle when laundry day rolls around.

Of course, having monogrammed Italian bedding in your room is way more than just functional. It also adds a sense of chic to the space. There are a lot of ways to personalize your bedroom – art, decorations and paint colors – but having your name written on your pillow takes it to the max. Wake up with a visual reminder of the person you are, so you feel that familiar sense of confidence before heading off to shine at work or school. To monogram your sheets and pillows, you can choose a single initial or your whole name. The traditional way is first initial, last initial and then middle initial, but you can write it any way you feel comfortable. The most important thing is that it looks good to you.

Personalized bedding makes a wonderful wedding gift. Being able to share a monogram with a special someone creates a loving and intimate ambience in the bedroom. It can also be refreshingly playful. When giving our custom bedding as a present to newlyweds, it’s like you’re bringing the Italian honeymoon to them. Their bedroom is filled with luxury and style, which any married couple enjoys. Every time they wake up, their monogrammed sheet set reminds them how special their love is.

What’s the correct way to place a monogram for newlyweds? Well, there are a number of options, all acceptable. Traditionally, the order is husband’s first initial, married last name, wife’s first initial. Another possibility is husband’s first initial, married name, wife’s maiden name. Other couples prefer a two-letter monogram with each one’s first initial. A single letter with the married name is great too. Same-sex couples generally use two letters – either both first or both last names – on a monogram.

Don’t forget about the joy of a playful personalization. It puts a smile on your face, and is a tender expression of affection when shared with a special someone. Get creative and have fun. Tweet expressions are an awesome option for bedding. Want a few ideas? Try I <3 U, IYD (in your dreams), or XOXOZZZ (hugs and kisses and sweet dreams). Personalization can be up to 12 characters, so there’s a lot of room for humorous messages. His, hers, mine, yours, Mr. and Mrs. are just a couple of the endless possibilities. They also look great on matching pajamas or bath robes for newlyweds.