Serveware + Cheese Boards

Get the Party Started With Personalized Cheese Boards

There's nothing like a decadent cheese platter to get a party going, whether it's a low-key dinner for four or a house-packed shaker. Not only does a cheese board help curb guests' appetites before dinner, but it also gives a rustic, classic and clean touch to a table. Add a couple of cheese knives to your selection of Brie, blue and smoked applewood cheeses, top with mini chalkboard markers to indicate which is which and you've got yourself one handsome looking appetizer display. Check out Mark and Graham's selection of personalized cheese boards and custom cutting boards for something that will suit your decor and match the occasion.

Kinds of Personalized Cheese Boards

When it comes to cheese boards and custom cutting boards, look no further than Mark and Graham for a vast array of styles and designs. Here's just a peek of what we have to offer, all with the option of free monogramming:

  • Round and oval. Do double duty for display and chopping tasks with our Mariposa classic oval cheese board, made with Maplewood and recycled aluminum. Or, have everything you need for an amazing-looking cheese platter with our round cheese board, complete with a swivel closure that holds five specialty cheese knives.
  • Long and rectangular. This cheese board shape is perfect for displaying more than just cheese: top it off with condiments, pickles, jams and gourmet meats for a full-on appetizer board. Add a monogram at the top, bottom, or middle to give your small bites ample room to show.
  • Cutting boards. A Maplewood BBQ cutting board, an American chop block and our silhouette cutting board in the shape of a crab are our top features when it comes to custom cutting boards - one of the most useful tools for any kitchen.

Kinds of Personalization

The ample surface room of our custom cheese and cutting boards allows for more than just initials. Try yours or the recipient's last name followed by "family" or a name and date of a special occasion. Some even have enough room for special sayings or quotes. Or, go for simple and subtle with a single bold initial and let the delicious cheeses do the talking.

Great as Gifts

Personalized cheese boards make fabulous gifts for weddings, showers, housewarmings or anniversaries. Your special someone (or couple) will adore the fresh look and smooth feel of the cheese board and the personalization will show them how much you truly care with this extra-special, elevated touch.

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