Doormats + Flags


A doormat is usually the first thing visitors see when walking up to the house. It’s a personal way to welcome them inside the home and make them feel comfortable right away. At Mark and Graham, we take the whole concept of the welcome mat to the next level. Make a statement that’s more close to home with personalized doormats. Choosing your own personal message lets friends, neighbors and passerby see your friendly demeanor and sense of style. Here are a few other reasons a personalized doormat has a place outside every home.

First and foremost, a monogrammed doormat adds an air of sophistication to your front door. You family name stands out in a distinguished manner. We offer many designs to choose from that match any exterior decor theme. Modern, playful, classic or rustic styles fit seamlessly into the picture.

Welcome mats also serve a very practical purpose. They reduce the amount of soil that gets tracked inside the home a great deal. That saves you a lot of time during your weekly home cleaning checklist. And it’s especially important if you have light-colored carpeting near your entryway. It’s much, much easier to remove dirt from a welcome mat when needed than it is to get soil and stains out of carpeting. That way you can rest easy. An absorbent mat keeps floors dry when it’s raining or snowing outside too. You can breathe a sigh of relief when you see zero traces of mud inside the house thanks to a high-quality doormat.

Moms and dads often like to place a doormat at any access point to the house. The front door, any side entrance, the door to the garage and the back patio are all great spots for a mat. Kids can be themselves and have a lot of fun outdoors, while still keeping your house refreshingly clean.

Actually, doormats aren’t exclusively for the outdoors. If your growing boy or girl is starting to value privacy, a mat with your child’s name on it, or a phrase like “keep out” or “geniuses only” is sure to be a big hit. Personalized artwork on their bedroom walls is another way for children to express themselves and decorate at the same time.

Our high-quality personalized doormats are durable and strong. They stand up to tons of visitors and retain their beauty for a long time. They’re made from 100 percent biodegradable materials, so you feel good about taking care of the planet too. That also means that they don’t contain any harsh chemicals, so they’re totally safe for use around your little ones.

If you’re fond of nature and wildlife, a personalized doormat is a great way to show it. Pick an outdoors border related to your hobbies. It gives the entryway a nice rustic flavor. The same thing goes for gardening enthusiasts. Planters on both sides of the door go really well with a doormat that has floral motifs.

Does your home overlook a pristine lake or ocean vista? Nautical designs set the mood for a beautiful morning. Grab a beach tote, have fun on the water, take a nap if you feel like it, and then head back to the house for lunch. Your welcome mat is there waiting to dry off any dripping feet.

There are a lot of options when choosing the way to display your personal greeting. The three-letter monogram is a classic design that never goes out of style. You can also highlight a single initial for strong visual impact. Another American tradition is to spell out your last name, something like “The Taylors” or “The Smith Family.” A personalized doormat offers two lines of up to eight characters each for a family name, address or other detail.

A humorous doormat is fair game too, and is especially inviting on the backyard patio or balcony. Your guests relax outside and share great times with your family. When they head inside the house to grab something to drink, they see your clever message and smile.