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Towels + Seating

Towels + Seating

Relax in the sun in an outdoor space that is truly your own. Our personalized towels and seating collections feature a variety of items to lend a personal look to your patio, deck or balcony decor. Curl up in your lounge chair with a good book on a balmy summer evening or create a living room atmosphere for guests. Pack up a few chairs to sit back on the beach in style. Choose from options such as wicker chairs, classic deck chairs and folding travel chairs. Personalization options include laser-engraved monogramming and embroidered textiles.

When choosing outdoor seating, use your space as your starting point. If you have a large deck or patio, you can opt for large, comfortable chairs arranged around an outdoor coffee table. This recreates the coziness of your living room in an outdoor space and makes a fantastic area for entertaining. Using decorative pillows and throws to add extra cushioning helps make the space even more inviting. If you have a smaller porch or patio, consider setting up one or two classic lounge chairs. Use a side table to anchor your seating and provide a place for iced coffees, lemonade, smoothies or other cool drinks. For smaller balconies and multipurpose spaces, folding seating can be a great option. Folding chairs are easy to store in a garage or corner when they are not in use. They are also portable, which makes them wonderful for picnics and other outdoor excursions. Pack a lunch bag or cooler and enjoy a delicious meal on the go.

Materials also play an important role when choosing outdoor chairs. Teak is a popular choice, as it is attractive and incredibly durable. This tropical wood turns an eye-catching silver color when it is exposed to the sun and elements, which helps it tie in well with other outdoor decor elements such as doormats and umbrellas. However, if you prefer its natural wood tone, you can oil the wood to preserve its golden shade. Ash wood is another common option for outdoor furniture. Ash has a naturally pale shade that blends well with textiles and garden plants. As a hardwood, it is also strong and durable, which helps it hold its shape over years of outdoor use. Wicker furniture offers a traditional patio style that provides an attractive space for entertaining. To preserve the lifespan of your wicker seating, keep it covered when it is not in use. This helps keep the fibers strong and keeps your pieces clean over time.

Cushions and textiles can add even more personality to your monogrammed seating. Many of our seating options include cushions, pillows or fabric backings. At the beach, drape a monogrammed towel over your folding chair to tie your beach items together. On chilly evenings, spread a throw over your lap as you relax on the porch to keep warm as you read or enjoy an outdoor nightcap. Mark and Graham features plenty of sun and moisture resistant textile options. However, storing cushions and pillows in a storage chest or in the garage when they are not in use can help them maintain their color. Store towels and indoor fabrics in your home when you are not using them to help preserve their lifespan. Browse our furniture collections for a variety of storage options.

Many of our personalized seating selections include built-in storage such as pockets. This comes in handy for lounging in the sand or spending long hours reading on your patio. Use pockets to store small items such as books, games, snacks and sunglasses. For food and larger items, pair your chair with one of our outdoor organizers, coolers or tote bags.