Passport Cases + Luggage Tags

Identify Your Bags Every Time with Personalized Luggage Tags

Ensure travel goes as smoothly as possible by taking care of all the details in advance, like identifying your luggage before you leave. Personalized luggage tags make it easy to spot your suitcases or confirm they're yours and get them back to you if they end up somewhere else. And while they serve an important practical purpose, they're highly stylish, too. Match yours with the rest of your luggage collection and your favorite travel outfits to show off your good taste while traveling. If you travel in a pack or have a friend who's always taking off, personalized luggage tags make thoughtful gifts, too.

Custom Luggage Tags Make Life Easier

The main reason for investing in personalized luggage tags is how much more convenient they make life on the road, on the rails, or in the sky. With just a simple flick of a privacy flap, anyone who needs to identify your luggage now can, quickly and accurately.

  • If you travel with your family frequently, you probably made sure everyone had matching suitcases. Create an easy spotting system by choosing personalized luggage tags in a new hue for everyone in the family.
  • On the rare occasions you have to hit the baggage claim office to grab a rerouted suitcase, your luggage tag is one of the ways officials know luggage is yours.
  • Same goes for hotels where a bellhop takes your bags. Avoid confusion on the luggage cart with easily identifiable luggage.

Coordinating Your Luggage and Travel Gear

Make the effort to coordinate your luggage and the rest of your travel gear. For instance, a monogrammed passport holder and luggage tag gives you a polished, elegant look in airports and other ports of entry that won't go unnoticed.

  • Pair your luggage tags with your suitcases. Saddle brown or baseball glove leather matches the trunk straps on wheeled suitcases for a coordinated, sophisticated aesthetic.
  • Add a little dimension to the look with on-trend camo tags in green and brown shades. This classic pattern is recognizable from afar and gives your luggage a rugged edge.
  • Choose passport holders in bright colors to offset or act as an accent color. Personalize yours with initials in the lower corner.

Personalized Luggage Tags as Gifts

Custom luggage tags make awesome gifts for the travelers in your life, too. Give one to a trusted colleague as you embark on an important business trip together or get matching tags for everyone in a wedding party on the way to a destination wedding. Send a happy couple on their honeymoon or wish a bon voyage to a friend taking a milestone trip.

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