Personalized Travel Luggage

One of the most obvious advantages that Personalized Travel Luggage has to offer is the way it makes it easier for you to pick your items out among other bags. This can be especially helpful when you are traveling through busy airports, ports and train and bus terminals. The personalized monograms we offer at Mark and Graham on travel luggage can become design elements that complement our already stylish travel bag collection. Our personalized monogram travel luggage items include checked and carry-on spinners, travel boarding bags, weekenders, overnighters, rolling briefcases and travel totes. These high-quality travel essentials come in a variety of colors, sizes and primary materials, such as leather, canvas, nylon, polycarbonate and vinyl.

Checked and carry-on spinners are your go-to travel bags for vacations that last several days or even weeks for the main reason that these types of luggage can hold more of your stuff that you'll need for the duration of your trip. Changes of clothes, footwear, grooming or makeup kits, electronic devices, jewelry and medications are among the most common travel essentials and our larger spinners have enough space for these. In most cases, these travel bags are large enough to hold the essentials for two or more travelers. With a little bit of planning, these larger travel bags still have enough space for souvenirs or any other items that you may wish to bring back from your trip.

Depending on the requirements of your trip, you can choose from polycarbonate-, nylon- and vinyl-constructed spinners from our personalized travel luggage collection. Each type of spinner has its own benefit with the hard-shell polycarbonate being an optimal choice if you wish to have ample protection for things, such as your tech gear or a fragile family heirloom. Our nylon and vinyl offer more flexibility than polycarbonate does, which means that they can stretch out a bit more if you want to squeeze in that extra pair of pants or a dress shirt while keeping all of your stuff snug inside the bag. Our nylon spinner personalized travel luggage has rugged features with leather details. Vinyl luggage spinners have classy leather-like looks and are also durable enough to withstand the rigors of airline travel.

Our personalized travel carry-on spinner luggage has the very same features as the checked spinners save for their smaller size. Compliant with most airline regulations, our carry-on spinners will fit easily into most overhead compartments or slide under your airline seat easily. Among the features that the checked and carry-on luggage share include retractable handles, four multidirectional wheels for easy roiling, top and side handles, interior zippered sections, interior pockets and interior clipped elastic bands to secure your clothes. While they may not be able to store as much as their larger counterparts, you can use your carry-on spinners to hold important items that you may not want to check such as your jewelry or passport.

If you want an alternative to spinners for carry-ons, you can opt for our rolling briefcases and weekender and overnighter bags. Ideal for business travel, our rolling briefcases has enough space for a 15-inch laptop, documents and even a few changes of clothes. They are available in vinyl and nylon combinations and have features like a retractable handle, two wheels, two interior compartments and an exterior zipper pocket. Should you want a carry-on without wheels, the weekenders and overnighters are the choices for you. The weekenders and overnighters come in leather, canvas and vinyl types. Instead of retractable handles, these bags come with long detachable straps to sling them over your shoulder. Other carry-on alternatives include our travel totes and garment bags.