Collars + Leashes

Monogrammed Dog Leashes

Your pooch is a cherished family member in their own right. Take them on their daily walks in elegant fashion by treating them to monogrammed dog leashes and collars. These sweet dog gifts aren't just a great choice for your own pup, they also make a thoughtful holiday gift or new dog gift for loved ones as well. Purchase a leash alone or pair it with a matching collar for a more complete gift set. Personalized dog bowls and beds are also great gift ideas.

Choosing the Ideal Dog Collar and Leash

With so many different dog leashes and collars available at Mark and Graham it can be challenging to narrow it down to your favorite. Make the decision easier by taking a couple of key factors into consideration, such as:

  • Color & Pattern: Dog collars and leashes come in a wide range of colors and patterns from which to choose. Simply pick your favorite or choose one that stands out against the fur color of the dog. For a perfectly coordinated look, match the leash to the collar itself.
  • Material: Most dog collars and leashes are crafted of a woven fabric or leather. The woven fabric tends to be more economical in cost while the leather provides a more luxurious look.
  • Design: A traditional collar is a circular piece of material that secures around the neck. Some dogs can find it easy to slip their collar if their neck and head are of similar size. Harnesses are another great choice. These designs wrap around the body itself and offer an additional level of security than a collar.
  • Tag Shape: No collar or leash would be complete without a personalized dog tag. These tags can hang from the leash or the collar and come in a variety of materials and shapes. Once you select the one that appeals to you in style, make it their own by adding their name. Some collars allow for the name to be embroidered on the collar material itself as well.

A personalized leash isn't just a great item to have around the house, it can also be very useful. It helps a dog sitter identify which leash belongs to which dog. The same is true of any dog that stays in a kennel or daycare center during the day. As you narrow down the incredible selection of leashes available, don't forget to keep an eye out for special accessories or consider handy add-on items, such as business bag holders and attached keychains.