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Jewelry Rolls

Spring Travel Jewelry Rolls

Springtime comes around following winter and folks just get the travel bug. Since the temperatures are usually moderate in the spring, you can wear light clothing and accessorize with your favorite for jewelry. If youʼll be traveling, youʼll probably want to take along your rings, necklaces, earrings and other accessories. Jewelry rolls are truly the easiest way to keep them safe and secure to prevent tangles and knots. The rolls literally roll up and take up little space in a suitcase. We have a couple of different ones including a 100 percent natural linen and a faux leather jewelry roll at Mark and Graham. The soft linen fabric closes with a grosgrain ribbon tie and is machine-washable. A faux leather roll snaps closed and has a linen lining to protect your jewelry. These rolls truly are amazing with separate compartments, and they last for a very long time.

Fill the holders with a new monogrammed necklace or locket. Personalize it with your name, your first or last initial or all your initials. The necklaces include elegant diamond pendants, legacy necklaces, scripted designs and layered charms.

You might prefer a new bracelet or both a necklace and a bracelet. We have a large assortment of awesome bangles in silver and gold, earthy tortoise shell cuffs, charms, cellphone charging bracelets and adjustable hippie rope bracelets. Get your gypsy on by layering several bracelets on your wrist.

If youʼre going to have a new necklace and bracelet, you might as well get a new ring. True jewelry lovers can never have enough rings. They are easy to accessorize an outfit and make it pop. Try a signet, medallion or birthstone ring. Alternatively, you might prefer a stamped brass ring with your initials.

Cuff links might be more suited to your tastes. Few things show class quite like a starched shirt sealed with brass or silver monogrammed cuff links. Cuff links have been around for many centuries and continue to be a very refined accessory. You canʼt go wrong when wearing them.

Traveling isnʼt a problem with jewelry since youʼve got the jewelry roll, but you need to keep it safe at home too. A glass top jewelry box allows you to see what is inside before lifting the lid. Individual compartments keep the jewelry separated. You might like a catch-all to toss the jewelry in at the end of the day. Regardless, you can keep it all safe and in its place to retrieve for the next outing.

Have your keychain and money clip ready to go out on the town. The keychains keep your keys secure and the money clips keep all that cash safe. Both can fit in your pocket or purse for convenience and safekeeping. The tri-fold wallets are the best of both worlds by keeping keys and cash all in one place. This way, you only have to look in one spot.

If you travel with lots of jewelry, keychains and money clips you might want a travel pouch to keep everything in its place in your luggage or travel bags. At least when you get back in your room, you can throw it all in the pouch and know right where it all is the next morning. The pouches have zippered closures to keep them secure.

Jewelry can change any outfit from dull to wow. Just a few accessories and make the entire outfit pop. When you travel, you should be able to take your jewelry along, especially for important events. Itʼs good for your peace of mind to know that it is safe and secure.