Weekenders + Overnighters

Spring Travel Weekender Bags

Spring travel weekender bags are among your most useful carry-all gear as the winter rolls out and your out-of-town jaunts become more convenient and pleasant yet again. Whether it is for business or for pleasure, Spring Travel Weekender Bags help ensure that you are able to bring along with you all the essential things that you'll need for your short trip. As their name implies, these weekender bags are a bit lighter and easier to carry around since you no longer need your bulky cold weather clothing for your spring travel. Our spring travel weekender bags come in a variety of stylish designs, colors and materials to suit both your requirements and taste, much like other Mark and Graham travel collections.

In terms of size, weekenders are comparatively smaller than regular luggage that you normally use for longer vacations, which is why most of these bags come in a duffle bag design. Such a versatile design allow you the convenience of packing just enough change of clothes, personal grooming items, a laptop or tablet, charging cables and other knick-knacks. If you travel lightly or pack properly, your weekender bag may even have extra space for other stuff that you purchase on your trip, such as a souvenir or gift items for the folks back home. Our duffle weekender bags come in khaki-colored classic leather design and in a more relaxed canvas and leather combination design.

The khaki leather weekender has a cotton twill interior lining, with a snap-on pocket on one side and a zipper pocket on the opposite side to help you organize your smaller essentials. An open pocket on this weekender's exterior can hold your other travel items, such as city maps, sunglasses or driving gloves. It has a sturdy leather handle with an 8 3/4-inch handle drop and a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap. Because the canvas duffle weekenders can stretch a bit, these bags can also contain other smaller bags that you may want to bring along, such as toiletry bags or your jewelry travel storage items. The wraparound canvas handle gives you a more control and balance as you carry around this weekender, while its 60-inch adjustable shoulder strap frees up your hands as you sling it across your shoulder.

For your trips that are few days longer, our nylon utility duffle and carry-on bags are the right ones for you as the bags are roomier and have more pockets for the additional items that you need to take with you. The nylon utility duffle bag has a rugged construction that can withstand abuse should you decide to check it on flights. It has several interior and exterior pockets to help you organize your clothing and other travel items as well as interior straps to keep them snug and secure inside that bag. The nylon carry-on, on the other hand, while smaller, has even more pockets to contain your smaller travel items. Both the nylon duffle and carry-on bags have retractable handles and multidirectional wheels for your convenience as well as leather detailing.

A smaller alternative to duffle bags are overnighters, which are a good option for shorter trips. Our overnight bags have just the right amount of room for your tech gear, grooming kit, carry-all zip pouches and perhaps, even a clean pair of underwear. One overnight bag offering comes in shades of blush, stone and navy with champagne gold hardware. This offering features four interior and one exterior pockets, a sturdy leather handle and 54-inch shoulder strap that you can use to sling it over your shoulder in style. Another overnight bag offering comes in luxurious blue German leather with masculine lines and smart detailing. All of our spring travel weekender bags come with an optional monogramming service in the form of laser etching, foil embossing and embroidery.