Personalization Guide

What is personalization? Personalization tells a unique story.
Perhaps the best explanation comes from the Mark and Graham manifesto:

It's an artful mingling of typography and design
That turns a beautiful gift into a personal gesture.
It can be bold and boisterous or subtle and refined.
It can join families together or celebrate individuality.
It can be an inside joke or honor the literal beauty of a name.

To help you get started, our personalization guide includes
lots of ways to use personalization to tell your own story.

  • names


    Express your own unique self with color and type. Or give the gift that has their name written all over it - for friends, lovers or family members. Go first, first and last or just last, then take your pick of color and font.

  • special dates + special places

    special dates + special places

    Mark new homes, beach homes, happy homes; wedding dates, birth dates or favorite first dates. Personalization turns a ho-hum hostess or housewarming gift into a true act of love.

  • words


    Say it loud and say it proud: connect your favorite word to your favorite item. Maybe your tray is "here to serve" or your towel gets you "squeaky clean" post-bubble bath. Separate carafes for "water" and "wine," or a tray that says "delicious" become conversation starters at your gatherings.

  • phrases


    Whether you're living in the moment ("carpe diem!" or "namaste") or sending a clear message ("love me" or "not now"), say what you want. From books and yoga mats to bedding and towels - use your words!

  • icons


    Our design team has developed a whole alphabet of images, from city landmarks (c'est bon!) to sporting faves (fore!) to help you express yourself.

  • border designs

    border designs

    Get a little edgy with these exclusive pattern designs. Add some kick to a potentially plain design, dress it up for a entertaining or seasonal holidays.

  • family crests

    family crests

    Combine type with graphics
    and represent the whole clan.

  • weddings


    Say "I do" - literally. Find lots more ideas
    in our Bridal Personalization guide.