Personalization Techniques

  • Digital Printing

    Digital Printing

    This digital printing process creates a flat and permanent personalization on mugs, pillow covers and other pieces.

  • UV Printing

    UV Printing

    Our new UV printing technique uses a unique "cold cure" ink that dries immediately leaving a quality, raised print on items like our Colorfield Collection.

  • Engraving


    Done by hand, engraving makes a permanent imprint in silver plate or other fine metals by etching right into the material.

  • Sandblasting


    We literally blast highly pressurized sand onto the pieces, creating a clean and permanent etching in glass products.

  • Embroidery


    Your personalization will be tightly stitched onto your napkins, apron or towels. For use with textiles, embroidery comes in a wide assortment of colors.

  • Laser


    Using the best in laser technology, we engrave your chosen personalization right into leather, wood, crystal or other strong materials.

  • Foil Deboss

    Foil Deboss

    Add a little shine: perfect for leather, we stamp the metal letters of your choice, which leaves a subtle indentation and gold or silver foil marking.

  • Letterpress


    A relief-printing technique for stationery and paper goods, personalization is produced by the repeated direct impression of an inked, raised surface against paper.

  • Yag Laser

    Yag Laser

    Made for stainless steel, the yag laser changes the molecular structure of the material, leaving your indelible mark.

  • Laser Etch

    Laser Etch

    Using a high-powered laser, we remove the topmost surface of the material, leaving your subtle, textured monogram.