For Him

Dads work hard to take care of their families. And while they might not say so, men like to feel appreciated by their loved ones. Personalized gifts for him are a great way to say thank you, by giving that special man if your life something stylish and practical. At Mark and Graham we know guys. Our ample selection of elegant pieces make shopping for him so much easier. From leather office accessories to comfy robes and pajamas, our gift ideas help you find something he treasures.

No man leaves home without his wallet. Almost a part of him, a high-quality leather wallet is both functional and fashionable. It gives guys a place for credit cards, insurance cards, personal info and special photos. Durable leather turns it into a keepsake that lasts for a long time. And when enhanced with a monogram, a wallet becomes an expression of his personality. To add even more style to your dad’s wardrobe, send him off to work with a personalized set of cufflinks or a ring. Everyone wants to feel a bit more important when sitting at their desk.

If you’re looking for something that he’ll use every day, think about choosing a briefcase. Our work bags offer a sophisticated deep leather appearance that matches any office outfit, whether a formal suit or a relaxed pair of pants. Ample pockets provide space for important documents, supplies, sunglasses, phones, keys and more. That way he can take his laptop or tablet to and from work without hassle, and look great doing it. These briefcases are supple yet durable, meaning they can stand up to the most demanding work schedules without flinching. A personalized work bag makes a man stand out immediately in any meeting or appointment he has.

For the man who’s on the go, a travel bag is a practical gift idea. Whether he’s a frequent flyer because of work or just enjoys taking the family to the lake for a weekend getaway, our luggage is versatile enough to provide just the right amount of space. Carry-on spinners are easy to stow on an aircraft or toss into the trunk, but offer room for several changes of clothes, shoes, personal items and any needed technology. Their resistant shell helps protect sensitive items. A monogram emblazoned on the front ensures that it doesn’t get confused with other luggage. For a quick overnight trip, a handy duffle bag is lightweight and easy to carry around.

For a truly unique gift for him, pick out a set of personalized drink accessories. For lovers of fine wine, aged rum or trendy cocktails, our glasses and drink-making accessories quickly become favorite pieces. We offer specialty glasses for beer, bourbon, martinis and more in a variety of styles, from hand-blown glass to copper. A monogram etched into the front makes them something special that guests notice immediately. For relaxed afternoons on the golf course, a personalized flask is a great gift idea that may turn into a family heirloom.

Because most men adore technology, another good present is a durable cover for their iPhone or tablet. A personalized iPhone case is about more than simple protection though, it’s also a status symbol. With designs varying from plaid to solid leather, they provide the opportunity to make a fashion statement in public. And having a set of monogramed initials keeps others from mistaking your things and also lets you show off a bit. Other carrying cases and pouches offer space for earbuds, connectors and chargers, so that he can be ready for anything, anywhere. To protect electronic equipment during long trips, keeping toiletry items inside their own case is essential. That way even if everything in your overnight bag moves around a lot, you don’t need to worry about unfortunate spills that can ruin a laptop or tablet.

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