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Looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift can be a little tough, especially when you want to think out of the box and buy something unusual and creative. Dads probably don’t tire of receiving socks and ties every year, but something different like personalized Father’s Day gifts will be well-appreciated. Keeping in line with what dad likes to do, there is a myriad of gifts that will bring a smile to his face this Father’s Day.

Dads that like to entertain may be impressed with a new set of bar glasses, depending on their signature cocktail. Opt for different types of barware and stemware, such as brandy snifters, tall beer glasses, stemmed beer glasses and mugs. Dad will also appreciate a copper beer mug or martini glass for his game room, music room or den. A cocktail shaker or corkscrew is also a welcome addition to the bar set.

When it comes to personalized Father’s Day gifts, choosing gifts expressly made for men is always a surefire bet. A dad who likes board games may appreciate a new backgammon set, while grillmaster dads might like a new barbecue tool set. Luggage and travel shoe shine kits are also a good idea, especially for the traveling dad. It’s good to keep in mind that all gifts from Mark and Graham can be personalized and monogrammed for dad. Everything from men’s jewelry to a deck of playing cards can be personalized right to your specifications. Choose dad’s initials, or another meaningful word or phrase that will make dad smile.

If dad spends a bit of time at the office, perhaps he would like gifts that he can either place on his desk, or that come in handy throughout the workday. Personalized Father’s Day gifts such as monogrammed sticky notes are always an instant hit. Dads may also appreciate monogrammed business card holders, personalized stationary or even a desk calendar. Other choices for the office include a rubber stamp or wax seal set, a world atlas or stamp and ink pads. Datebooks and organizers can also come in handy during a long workday.

Dads that are devoted to their pets may love personalized items for either Fido or Mittens from the pet store. Personalized collars, outfits and tags look great on both dogs and cats and dad will certainly appreciate the thought. Other pet-themed gifts include doggie gift bags and pet bowls.

Brand new dads may appreciate a keepsake devoted to the birth of their newborn. Some baby gifts that dads love include personalized bibs and blankets. Dad certainly melts every time he holds his little one in a soft, plush blanket with the baby’s initials or name monogrammed onto the side. Gifts become forever keepsakes after personalization.

Not just for Mother’s Day, you can always think of dad on his special day with personalized Father’s Day gifts in the form of jewelry. Choose from tie clips, cufflinks and other pieces of jewelry that not only match dad’s sense of style, but are personalized and monogrammed. Dad may also appreciate a keychain, key fob or money clip as a Father’s Day present.

Dads that are always on the go may appreciate something that keeps them occupied while traveling. Choose from books, games and other travel accessories that can make jet lag a little bit easier. Weekenders and other luggage are perfect gifts for dads who love to travel, or simply must travel for business. Passports and luggage tags in stylish, matching decor go great with existing luggage, and similarly to other gifts, can be personalized and monogrammed with initials or a meaningful phrase.