Personalized Cufflinks He's Sure to Love

When it comes to adding sleek sophistication to a man's wardrobe, there's no better gift than a pair of personalized cufflinks. This age-old part of his wardrobe is used to secure French cuffs in place. Mark and Graham offers a great selection of cufflinks in their men's collection, making it easy to find a style that suits every man in your life. Select these wardrobe-enhancing options for his birthday or promotion and he'll be ready to close any business deal.

Using Personalized Cufflinks

French-cuff dress shirts are stiff and tailored. Each end features a buttonhole. Turn the back of the cufflink until it is straight with the stem and slide it through both buttonholes. Once through, turn the back of the cufflink perpendicular to the stem and the shirt is secured in place throughout the day. They can be used with everyday suits or on special occasions to add a little gleam to a tuxedo.

Add Other Men's Jewelry Pieces

Cufflinks aren't the only piece of men's jewelry available at Mark and Graham. Select a coordinating tie clip in the same finish of the cufflinks for a cohesive look. Make his wrist even more of a focal point by selecting a stylish watch with a bold band. Of course, when it comes to men's jewelry, it doesn't get more classic than with a monogrammed signet ring.

Keep it Contained

Getting dressed in the morning is easy when you top his dresser with a tray or catchall. The soft interior helps to protect his jewelry while keeping it on display between uses. Simply placing items inside a tray helps a piece of furniture look clean and organized. Wood ones offer a rustic touch while leather options keep the look more sophisticated. For the watch lover, pick up a leather or wood watch box as well.

A suit is an essential part of every man's wardrobe. Make his suit stand out from the rest by pairing his French cuff shirts with an elegant pair of monogrammed cufflinks. From sleek and square to intricate, there's a design that suits every style. Mix-and-match your favorite men's jewelry items to create a meaningful gift that will remind him of you every time he gets dressed for work. Keep it clean and simple with a single initial or timeless in design with a classic monogram.