Elevate Your Gift-Giving With Monogrammed Handkerchiefs

If you're looking for something different to give for special occasions such as Father's Day, a wedding, shower, or for a bridal party, consider monogrammed handkerchiefs from Mark and Graham. We've got specialty handkerchief styles that will suit any occasion, from silk and linen blends to handcrafted embroidered designs. Go for classic crochet or bold, eye-catching floral patterns, or subtle dots for a more understated look. We've also got gift sets that include a matching tie and socks - a great offering for the gentleman in your life. Read on to discover all of our great styles when it comes to custom handkerchiefs at Mark and Graham.

What Kinds of Monogrammed Handkerchiefs Are Available?

The styles of Custom Handkerchiefs at Mark and Graham are vast and varied. Best of all, our collection of handkerchiefs can be personalized with names, dates, occasions, initials - you want it, we can monogram it. Some of our designs include:

  • Patterned. Tiny pin dots, bright florals, classic gingham and cheery plaid make up the majority of our patterned handkerchiefs that will look stunning peeking out of a solid-hued blazer pocket.
  • Handcrafted. Our line of handcrafted handkerchiefs includes crochet detailing and embroidery featuring nature-inspired motifs and sentimental sayings such as "Love Birds" or names and dates to mark a wedding or anniversary.
  • Bordered. Slim, elegant borders give a classic, traditional look to these monogrammed handkerchiefs that pair well with a patterned suit. Perfect for the bridal party and father of the bride.

Make it a Truly Special Gift

If you want to bolster your gift of monogrammed handkerchiefs for that special someone, consider a gift collection of custom handkerchiefs, socks and a matching tie for an extra-special touch. Or, go for a set of five hand-selected pocket squares if you can't quite make up your mind.

Whether it's a wedding, anniversary, Father's Day, or you just want to surprise your sweetie, consider something different such as a custom handkerchief. Often overlooked as a go-to gift choice, a handkerchief evokes memories of days gone by and of a more sentimental time; something that will surely be appreciated and cherished.

From understated designs such as plain linen and crochet bordered, to more ornate styles like bold plaid and floral, we've got something that will suit your taste and match the occasion. Or, delight the gentleman in your life with a special gift set to get him ready for that important business meeting or fancy party.

Shop Mark and Graham today to see our full line of monogrammed items such as linens, bedding, dinnerware, clothing and much more.