Harken back to a simpler time with Mark and Graham’s diverse line of personalized handkerchiefs. These sweet accessories add old-fashioned charm and elegance while making a thoughtful gift for special occasions. As an added bonus, we craft our handkerchiefs from durable cotton, which delivers superior softness and the ease of machine washing. Some of our more delicate handkerchiefs require the cold-water setting, but you won’t have to worry about handwashing. In addition to the infusion of vintage style, our handkerchief line offers an eco-friendly alternative to disposable tissues. The absorbent cotton makes an ideal material for blotting your forehead, mopping up tears or blowing your nose. Buy a handkerchief set for yourself or pick one out to give as a special gift. We offer several different styles to cater to your preferences.

Elegant and highly personal, our Hand Embroidered Sentiment Handkerchiefs make gorgeous gifts or a lovely addition to a lady’s handbag. The delicate designs give these personalized handkerchiefs vintage appeal that looks like an heirloom while offering sturdy, durable cotton construction that’s easy to throw in the washing machine. We offer our sentiment handkerchiefs in several styles to help you mark significant moments with a thoughtful and useful gift filled with meaning and deep emotion.

Gentlemen prefer handkerchiefs, but pocket squares give the same vintage style as a carefully placed kerchief. Nestle our personalized pocket square with the monogram subtly showing from your suit jacket pocket for a look that’s both dapper and all your own. Set this vintage look off by pairing it with elegant apparel, a neatly placed tie clip, smartly shined shoes and a fedora or a fez as a stylish topper.

Handkerchiefs offer the same look while they’re tucked in your pocket, but they can also come in handy when you need a tissue, to blot your forehead on a hot day, or to offer to your damsel as a gallant gestures when she’s in distress. Our Gentleman’s Handkerchiefs come in a set of four, and they are crafted from machine-washable cotton percale for easy care and durable softness. Keep your handkerchiefs wrinkle-free while you’re traveling by folding them neatly and packing them in one of our personalized totes or tie cases, which feature a handy pocket to secure your items. We also carry several simpler, more straightforward, all-purpose, unisex handkerchiefs. For example, our Luxe Hand Rolled Handkerchief set comes with two white handkerchiefs that measure 19" high and wide, making them ideal to stash in a pocket or a purse. Our Windowpane Handkerchief comes in a set of four. This simple, but elegant handkerchief features a yarn-dyed pattern that adds a little pizzazz to the white cotton kerchief. Store the handkerchiefs you’re not currently using in your jewelry box to avoid wrinkles. Add a monogram to make it your own or to elevate it to a thoughtful gift for someone special. Monogrammed handkerchiefs feature one-, two- or three-initial designs in a variety of scripts and styles.

With the exception of our Hand Embroidered Sentiment Handkerchiefs, all of our personalized handkerchiefs and pocket squares give you the option to add your monogram or a graphic to create a one-of-a-kind gift. We embroider your personalization onto the fabric for tight, long lasting stitches in a variety of colors and fonts. Choose from colors that range from pale to bold, and embroidery fonts that range from elegantly scripted to simply modern. Whether you’re buying it for yourself or as a gift, adding personalization elevates each item into a work of art. For more information, visit our monogram shop for examples and guidance.