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Personalized barware is a subtle, yet very good way of telling your guests that you enjoy entertaining visitors and that you want to impress upon them the effort you put in to be a good host. Have your guests remember the good times they spend in your home lounging about and relaxing as you serve them with your own set of personalized barware. Mark and Graham offers a fine selection of personalized barware, including decanters, pitchers, glassware, coasters, outdoor drinkware and bar tools. Whether you host them in your own bar, living room, patio or garden, we have just the right item for you.

Bar Glasses

Let your guests see that you know your spirits well enough to also know what type of bar glass in which to serve them. Beer mugs are an unmistakable favorite and our offerings include traditional hand-blown and copper mugs. If you wish to serve your home brew in a classier glass, go with pilsner glasses. Let the guests enjoy your favorite single malts straight in snifter glasses or soften the scotch up in classic DOFs. Have other glasses on the ready such as wine glasses, champagne glasses, martini glasses, julep containers, highballs and cocktail glasses to match the occasion and your hosting mood. Personalization for bar glasses comes in the form of laser monogramming and traditional engraving methods

Outdoor Drinkware

While you can use traditional bar glasses if you are entertaining your guests on the patio, garden or by your pool, there are a few items that suit the outdoors better such as our offerings of outdoor drinkware. Our outdoor drinkware includes an acrylic poolside carafe, sets of glasses, cocktail shakers and drink wrappers if you are serving your brews ice cold. Personalization for these items include laser engraving for the glasses and embroidery for the drink wrappers.

Decanters and Carafes

Decanters, carafes and pitchers all make your work easier as a host when serving spirits to a larger group of guests. The decanters are the go-to alternative for serving your favorite single malts and liquor if you don’t want to serve them right out of the bottle. Our carafes and pitchers, which come in various sizes and designs, work well for serving cocktails and brews. Laser monogramming is available for these items.

Bar Tools

Complete your bar with a set of bar tools that comes in very handy, especially for impromptu hostings. Our offerings include cocktail shakers in stainless-steel, copper or acrylic. Our other bar tools include bottle openers, prep boards and corkscrews. Laser monogramming or engraving services are available for these items as well.