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Everyday Glass

Bring a new element of sophistication to your hydration station with Mark and Graham’s personalized everyday glassware. From sleek bedside carafes to simple tumblers, our selection of monogrammed glassware is just right for daily use. Designed with the perfect balance between tradition and on-trend modern sensibility, this glassware collection is just right in any casual setting. Whether you’re sipping iced tea on the front porch and watching the sun set with your sweetheart or working toward your daily water consumption goal, our personalized everyday glassware is simply stylish and superlatively sturdy. With plenty of dishwasher-safe options to choose from, it’s easy to assemble the perfect collection to make your daily drinks more special.

We have many perfectly stylish options available in our collection of personalized everyday glassware, including both drinking glasses and serving vessels. From classic clear glass to clever contemporary variations with a bit of color, our selection provides something for every style. Bring a subtle pop of color to your table, or keep things spare and simple so your monogram can do the talking. This glassware collection is all about you, so make it yours.

The pitchers, carafes and decanters in this personalized everyday glassware collection are just right for entertaining. From casual movie nights with your best friend to semiformal dinner parties for the most important people in your office, your personalized beverage serving selections fit just right. Each piece in the collection suits daily use, but they’re all sophisticated enough to take center stage for special events. The tumblers and cups in the collection are no exception, providing the perfect vessel for any beverage, whether you’re serving up mixed drinks or fresh-squeezed juices.

In addition to providing a variety of different sizes, shapes and colors to choose from, this collection of personalized everyday glassware offers plenty of customization options. Choose from one-, two- or three-letter monograms for your glasses and pitchers. You can follow tradition and go with your last initial for a one-letter monogram or go for a modern twist by using your and your spouse’s first initials for a two-letter monogram. Buy glasses with the same monogram on each or make a cute his and hers drinking set by putting each of your first initials on a glass and opting for a three-letter monogram on a matching decanter or pitcher. There are so many great ways to make these glasses your own, so don’t hesitate to get creative.

Pair your new custom monogrammed glassware with some other entertaining pieces from our collections to make the whole presentation personal and unique. Imagine serving up a classic tray of mixed cocktails or a pitcher of lemonade with matching glasses on a monogrammed wood tray. It’s a classy move that’s sure to catch the eye of any detail-oriented guests in your home. Harkening back to a different era, tray-served drinks make any host or hostess seem effortlessly charming and organized. You’ll give your glassware the attention and prominence it deserves while keeping guests comfortable and satisfied. Use your tray to carry a personalized pitcher and empty glasses out to friends on your patio or set up a drink station on your dining room buffet console so guests can serve themselves during a dinner party.

Our everyday custom glassware collection includes parts and pieces that mix and match seamlessly to meet your specific needs. Get a bedside carafe to match the monogrammed bedding you selected for your guest room, or replace unadorned water glasses with a monogrammed upgrade to make each meal something special. Whether you include a slim monogrammed pitcher or opt to pair your new everyday glasses with a stylish matching decanter so you and your partner can share a little drink of whiskey in matching glasses, this collection is versatile and personalizable – a perfect combination that allows for maximum customization.