Jewelry + Cuff Links

Cufflinks + Tie Clips

Show off your high class style or pick up a personalized gift for the fashion forward man in your life. Our men’s cufflinks and tie clips collections feature pieces in a variety of metals, finishes and styles. You can also find boxes to stow such smaller adornments when they are not gracing a dapper button-up shirt. Mix and match these pieces with other jewelry or purchase them as stand-alone items.

Cufflinks and tie clips are small pieces that make a mark in subtle ways. They are much smaller than bracelets and are less prominent than rings, but they still make a big statement. Cufflinks are considered “formal jewelry” and typically pair with dress shirts and suits. They are excellent choices for weddings, graduations, anniversaries, galas and formal family events. They can also be good accessories for semi-formal occasions such as interviews, conferences, client meetings and business dinners. Tie clips are practical pieces that help hold ties in place against dress shirts, which keeps ties from flapping around whenever a strong breeze hits or when walking down the corridor. Like pocket squares, this accessory is the mark of a well-dressed man, making it a great piece for conservative business environments and formal events.

Cufflinks are very easy to wear. They are more or less like two-sided buttons that fit through buttonholes on both ends of a shirt’s cuffs. They require shirts that have two button holes in place of a button and a single button hole. Most tuxedo shirts and many formal dress shirts include these, but you can also find a few semi-formal shirts designed for cufflinks. There are a couple of different styles available. Whale back styles have a flat bar at the back, which holds the links in place against the shirt. Button styles have round studs at the back that keep them in place. Unlike buttons, you do not overlap the cuffs when you put on cufflinks. Instead, you hold the two sides of the cuffs together and insert the links to keep them closed, with the decorative side facing front. When pairing cufflinks with other jewelry, you should generally wear like metals together in more formal contexts. However, you can sometimes mix gold and silver rings, watches and cufflinks in less formal settings.

Wearing a tie clip can require a bit of extra care. The clip should not sit too high or too low; it should sit somewhere around the center of visible part of the tie. To put one on, close your jacket and find a spot that is well centered. Make sure the clip is not diagonal and avoid bunching up your shirt. If you want to wear the clip with an open jacket or no jacket, you can position it slightly lower. When choosing a piece for a specific outfit, make sure the clip is not wider than the tie itself. You may want to have a variety of sizes on hand to pair with different ties.

Monogramed jewelry lends a classy look to your wardrobe, as it is a subtle way to make your mark. Pair jewelry items such as cufflinks with smaller items such as handkerchiefs for a tasteful esthetic. These pieces also make excellent gifts; opt for a monogrammed piece or choose an item with an engraved message. Mark and Graham offers both engraved and stamped pieces. Stamped monograms tend to look more prominent, whereas engraving adds a more delicate touch. Choose from a variety of fonts to further customize your look.

To add the finishing touches to a great gift or to maintain an organized space, pair your pieces with cufflink boxes. These provide compartmentalized storage for small jewelry items, which helps keep pairs together. If you want to store all of your jewelry in one place, you can also opt for a larger catchall box or storage box.