Gym + Sports Bags

Gym + Sports Bags

Friday is here and the long, anticipated weekend trip to the lake cabin is finally a reality. Get your luggage packed and remember to bring along one of your men’s gym and sports bags filled with all of your running essentials, as the 10-mile dirt running track that outlines the crystal clear, blue lake calls your name each morning. Fill your workout bag with your running shoes and favorite outdoor exercise clothing, along with a visor to ward off the sun from your face and a water bottle, as thirst frequently comes calling during that nature-inspiring jog.

Keep the sports theme rolling and let the cotton, canvas overnight bag be home to your swimming gear as well. Large enough and with secret interior pockets, the duffel also holds your swim trunks and aqua socks. Your sturdy sports bag is an ideal keeper of all things exercise related, allowing your other luggage to hold your daytime and nighttime clothing and other weekend-at-the-lake necessities. Easily carry the bag down to the lakeside dock by its handles, or throw it over your shoulder with the adjustable strap when your hands are full of water toys, such as swim noodles and inflatables. Be sure to drop a bottle of sunscreen into the convenient side pocket, keeping it handy for reapplication whenever the need arises.

Complete that every Saturday morning yoga class with your own mat. Your instructor provides the necessary classroom tool, but why take a chance that your classmates may scoop every one of them up during a full class when you can easily bring your own? Make the yoga pad yours and monogram it with your first or last name, initials or represent your favorite pose by printing that term on the pad. The Mark and Graham yoga mat also features a clever carry strap, leaving your hands free to hold other classroom gear such as a water bottle, yoga blocks and a sweat towel. Share the experience with your partner and pick up a mat with a green strap for you and a pink one for her.

Be the envy of all your golf chums with such a classy golf bag that you prefer to strut the fairway with it yourself, rather than bring along a caddie. A leather bag not only keeps your clubs and putters organized, but it also gives you several pockets and storage places to hold tees, balls, gloves, cell phone and wallet, and it even features a specialized holding area for an umbrella, should the weather gods perform a 360 on your day at the back nine.

Complement your leather links bag with a matching holder for your shoes. Keep this footwear separated from your day-to-day shoes, stored in your golf closet and safely in this bag. A soft interior and partition safeguard the specialized footwear from dirt or scratches when not in use on the green. Carrying the shoes to the clubhouse is simple with a single handle that is reminiscent of a toiletry bag.

When an hour-long drive to the closest golf course is not always practical, satisfy your putting urge with a personal putting set that fits right in your hand. Take this travel-sized putting gem with you to the office, to the neighborhood park or to your buddy’s house for a little one-on-one competition. The bag contains a putter that breaks down into four pieces that you screw together like a compact pool cue, plus two balls and a target for your balls. When taking a break from your putting prowess, zip it up and hang it on the back of your office door, or simply place it on a table or park bench, as it is about the size of a hardback book, taking up little space.