Handkerchiefs + Ties + Pocket Squares


Handkerchiefs have been around for a long time, often in the hands of nobility as a sign of status. In fact, Shakespeare – timeless romantic, visionary, man of the people – is well known for his use of handkerchiefs in one of the greatest plays in history. That gives them a certain vintage charm that enhances modern styles too. In the 18th century, handkerchiefs became a gentleman’s calling card. Now, Mark and Graham continues that proud tradition with personalized men’s handkerchiefs that are as luxurious as they are chic. Not sure exactly how to use your elegant handkerchief? Here are some ways that today’s suave and confident gentleman can make a big impression with this iconic accessory.

Inspire respect with your monogram. A high-quality handkerchief stands out right away when you slip it out of your pocket during a business meeting or a meal with friends and family. Be prepared for some royal treatment by waiters and restaurant management. Your personal monogram exudes a sense of self-awareness and decisiveness, causing those around you to view you as successful and someone to listen to.

Everything about the monogram, from the font you choose to its tone, says a lot about your personality. Are you playful and creative? Serious when it counts? Bold and adventurous? Make a statement with your entire look, and especially your monogram. Choose a Didot style with dots separating capitalized initials for tons of classic sophistication. A deco format is sleek, modern and artistic. And something with large, sweeping strokes gives you’re an air of romance and royalty. There are over twenty different possibilities, some simple and some with intricate geometric curves. Pick whatever characterizes your outlook on life the best.

Have a handkerchief close by to wipe your brow. There are a lot of reasons a gentleman can start to sweat. If you usually walk to work – or when heading to a meeting with clients – that relatively minor physical activity is usually enough to moisten your forehead. By drying off right before entering, you regain that cool and collected appearance you’re looking for. The same thing goes for warm days. A quick motion of a handkerchief and no one even notices. Plus, no sweat means more comfort for you.

If allergy season has rolled around, your handkerchief is a good choice for drying a runny nose. True, some people prefer to use tissues, and that’s fine. But if allergies persist, your nose will thank you for using a 100-percent cotton or linen cloth instead. The supersoft material cushions your skin, treating it to a touch of heaven when you’re not feeling well.

A gentleman uses his handkerchief to cover the mouth when coughing or sneezing. Others nearby take note of your great manners and give you kudos mentally . And if someone dear to you can’t stop coughing or sneezing, they appreciate your chivalrous offer of a crisp, clean handkerchief.

If you want to make a great impression on a certain someone, sharing your handkerchief is a refined way to do so. When you invite a special someone to watch a romantic movie in the theater, for example, always have a soft cloth nearby to dry heartfelt tears. It’s a tender gesture that instantly endears you to the heart even more.

If you’re with a female coworker or fellow student who wants to put her hair up but can’t find – or lost – her hair clip or scrunchie, what’s a gentleman to do? Lend her your stylish handkerchief. She’ll be grateful for your help in a fashion emergency. And she’ll never forget either, thanks to your monogram.

A handkerchief is awesome for cleaning or drying off your glasses if they start to bother you. Paper-based tissues scratch your glasses, but a soft cloth doesn’t. This is a big help if you get caught in an unexpected rainstorm on the way to work. A clear focus lets you work efficiently and without frustration.

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