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Work Bags

Being organized is a big plus in the workplace. It saves you lots of time since you’re not looking around for important documents. Having everything at your fingertips also makes you more productive. There’s no need to rummage through file cabinets if your most used items are close by. And since the global economy involves lots of electronic communications, many professionals take part of their work home at night to get a fresh start early in the morning. Mark and Graham’s men’s work bags keep your business essentials neat and protected in your house, in the office or while traveling. You’re ready to triumph anywhere, anytime. Here are some things it helps to look for when choosing a work bag.

Tech-savvy professionals want space for all their electronic devices. During meetings with coworkers or clients, digital media like charts, graphs, videos and pictures are very effective at communicating a message, and a laptop or tablet makes reaching your goals much easier. That’s why many work bags have a dedicated space to transport your laptop safely. Cushioned dividers protect your devices from damage or scratches so they last a long time.

A zipper pocket on the inside does the same thing for smaller gadgets, such as a smart phone or audio device. That way you don’t need to dig through other materials to find out where they slid away to. Zipper pockets are also helpful for storing chargers, USB cables, data storage devices and other small but essential tech items. And if you’re heading to the airport for a business trip, this pocket is a great place to keep your passport and tickets secure.

Use outside pockets – usually large openings that run across the front and back of a briefcase – for fast access to documents and tools. When you’re planning your business day, perhaps a visit to a customer’s facility, try to put the items you need in the order you’re going to use them in. If you have a contract, for example, that a client is preparing to sign, keep it in a side pocket. You don’t even need to unzip your work bag to whip out the necessary papers and a pen. It gives you a professional air that tells customers you take your job very seriously. Don’t be surprised when they ask for you by name in the future.

If you’re looking for a gift for a man that’s important to you, a work bag is something they’re sure to love. It’s a present that’s very practical – it’s something they use every day for a long time. And it’s easy to fall in love with the high-quality materials and expert construction of our cases. Any businessman becomes attached to his work bag almost instantly, whether using it for international travel or a daily commute.

Numbers and figures are a big part of business, but there’s another avenue that also propels you to success: the first impression. Sometimes potential customers like you – and your ideas – before you even start to speak. Your confidence puts them at ease; they have the sensation that you know the answer to any question or problem they might have. Show them who you are with your style and accessories.

Leather is distinguished and elegant. It gets respect from those around you. A leather work bag tells people that you’re someone with lots of experience. And with a monogram, they see that you’re well-known and influential. Plus, a monogram reinforces your own confidence.

A canvas work bag has a more relaxed – but still professional – air. It’s perfect for graphic designers, writers and creators, people who are prized for their amazing ideas. This kind of briefcase is for those who value comfort and chic above tradition. A wide detachable shoulder strap keeps your back happy while waiting in the airport or walking through an office building.